Fashion: Adara Leigh of London: A CEO Taking Luxury Fashion to New Heights

It’s easy to spot talent, but it’s rare to come across a woman with an acute business acumen to match. Meet British born, Meroe Bleasdille, the founder and director of luxury accessories brand, Adara Leigh of London. A dynamic and educated black woman, with her finger firmly on the pulse. I came across her gorgeous collection […]

Editor’s Note: 5 Success Tips to Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet

What’s New! I’m rocking my own hair Three months ago, I finally took my weave out and texturized my hair. As you can imagine, when I initially removed the extensions, my hair was long, dry and brittle, due to years of damage from weaving and a severe lack of sun. As a result, my hairdresser […]

6 Classic Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Now we’ve all been there… That moment when you unwrap your present at the speed of lightning…only to find the gift staring back at you, is the last thing you want! What else can you do but smile, through gritted teeth and politely say “Thank you” while hoping against hope, the provider will get the […]

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