Career: Stuck In A Job You Hate? 6 Ways to Find a Fulfilling Career

Guest post by: Rachelle Carruthers


Ever felt like a dark cloud hovered over you the moment you set foot inside your workplace? Or maybe you shed a few tears at the thought of spending 8 hours of your day with the coworkers you daydream about choking? No? I guess it’s just me. For those of you who love your job, great for you. There are people like myself who spend 40+ hours a week at a job that means absolutely nothing to them. There’s no spark, no motivation, not a drop of passion lies within me when I think of my job. I am a receptionist. Not an executive assistant or any of those fancy names that are used to describe what I really am, a receptionist. Plain and simple.

I work for a Fortune 500 company, who despite the billions they generate annually, pays me less than what my college degree is worth. Humph! Do I sound bitter yet? Don’t answer that. Everyone deserves a job where they’re happy and they can flourish. Sitting behind a desk isn’t what I dreamed of as a little girl. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and motivational speaker. I fell in love with words thanks to my loving grandmother who would take me to the library religiously. I would check out the maximum amount of books (25!) and would read every last one of them. Dream jobs don’t just happen overnight. They are developed. I decided to take control over my future and so should you. It’s time to kiss your old job goodbye and say hello to your dream job. To make our dreams a reality, let’s follow these steps.

1. Self-evaluation: This step is very crucial to your transition from the job you loathe to the career you’ve always dreamed of.  Before you send out those resumes, ask yourself: What do I have to offer this company? What do I enjoy doing that I would love to do without compensation? Get some clarity on exactly what you want your dream job to be. If you don’t know what your dream job entails, then how can you go after it? Something to think about.

2. Network: A friend of mine told me recently, “The best jobs are not advertised.” This simply means that in order to break into the profession you want, networking is essential.  If people, the right people, know what you have to offer then they could possibly help you get a foot in the door. Networking can bring referrals and possible interviews and guess what else? THE JOB! Speak up, talk to people and let them know what you can bring to the table. Be your own promoter.

3. Stop Applying for Jobs You Don’t Want: Yea, I get it. You hate your job, but you apply for jobs you know you don’t really want. Don’t be in such a hurry to give your two weeks’ notice just to end up in another dead end job. It’s not worth it and it’s just a waste of your time and the company’s. Focus on exactly what it is that you’ve been called to do. I’ve been in my job for a year and a half now. If anyone knows what you’re feeling, it’s me. I refuse to apply to be someone else’s receptionist just because the pay is better. Don’t chase the money, if you do, you’ll end up emotionally and spiritually broke. Don’t sell yourself short. You desire better, so choose wisely

4. Put In Work: You’ll never accomplish your dreams or anything else if you don’t put forth the effort it takes to get there. You believe you deserve that job? Faith without work is dead and you should breathe life into your efforts. Don’t just talk about what you want to do, do it. Stop waiting for the ‘right moment’ and start right now. No one will work harder for you than you. Keep that in mind while you’re waiting on your moment.

5. Stay Fresh: For those of you who want to penetrate the entrepreneur world, it’s always a good idea to stay abreast of what’s current in your field. I’m not saying follow every “trend” out there. What I am saying is this: people get tired of the same ol’ same ol’. Put your own spin on whatever it is that you do and you can’t go wrong. Let your personality shine through your work. People will be attracted to you and your brand. Isn’t that what you want?

6. Have Fun: I’ve never been the all work and no play kinda girl and neither should you!  Staying true to your hustle is important but so is enjoying life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind that you forget what it’s like to enjoy yourself. Make time for yourself, friends and family, you won’t regret it.

These are the things I’ve started to do in order to get out of my dead end job and into my career. No one should dread going to work every day. Aren’t you ready to look forward to your work day? I do, and I am. All of these steps I’ve decided to take will not only land me my dream job, but it will help me grow as a person. Once you set aside your fears and go after what you really want in life, can you imagine the amazing feeling you will have? If you can’t I will imagine for you. The world is yours. Live out your dreams; don’t let them out live you.

More about Rachelle Carruthers:

I’m a recent college grad from Memphis, Tennessee and I currently reside in Nashville, TN. I decided to write this article for a number of reasons. The main reason is because I know so many people who, like me, have a job, but hate it. We’ve complained and cried the ugly cry just to go back to that same job to complain and cry all over again. Sounds crazy right? I decided to change my situation.

Like a lot of people I got discouraged after sending out dozens of my resumes with no call backs. That’s when I realized that I wasn’t being specific with what I wanted. Now I am. I’m no longer applying for every open position I see in desperation. True, I want to leave my current job, but not to end up somewhere else I don’t want to be. I sat down, evaluated myself, and created a plan. We have to have a plan ladies, otherwise, we plan to fail.

Contact Rachelle: Twitter: @words_unwrittn

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  1. Olympia says:

    Very well written and beautiful words of wisdom. Loved every word of it.

  2. Awesome article!

  3. I can relate to this article I’m in the same boat but I just don’t have a job. I’m yet looking for one doing something I like to do and not hate it,like Rachelle said. I have been searching for job for a month now. I get up every morning an go down to my apartment computer room and apply for 4-5 jobs.I leave a resume for each job I apply for and now I’m waiting for a call back.I have not receive not one call yet, so I decide to call them and I get WE NOT HIRING AT DA MOMENT,MANAGER NOT IN CALL BACK,AND A IF YOU MEET UP OUR QUALIFICATION WE WILL GIVE YOU A CALL every time. I’m tired of that but I want give up. So,Rachel’s I understand you.Good article!

  4. good and enjoyful

  5. wow!wat asite

  6. I loved Rachelle’s article too. It’s superbly written. Unfortunately nowadays, a Bachelor’s degree doesn’t guarantee entry into your ideal career anymore, because so many people have one. I would advise applying for as much work experience as you can during your holidays and spare time, while at college to give you an advantage, as employers are seeking young people with experience.

    Experience, and a willingness to go the extra mile, even when your employer asks you to do menial tasks has usurped qualifications. Students instead of partying all the time, please get your work experience sorted out first.

    For those who have finished college. Try to balance the job you have for income with a placement in your chosen industry. Why not consider working part time? Although you will have a lower income for a short period, in the long run, gaining experience will be invaluable for your future.

    Lastly if you consistently fail to get a job, please reevaluate your application. For instance, employ professional help to revise your CV and covering letter, for a small fee. Make sure to practice your interview skills – click on this article for some tips:

    I know it’s hard, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, keep persevering and positive. You may not land your perfect position right away, however as long as it’s in your field, you have a chance to work your way up the ladder.

  7. I’m happy to know that you all enjoyed my article because I certainly enjoyed writing it. Finding a job can be difficult and discouraging, but settling for a job you hate is worse. Good luck to you all on your journey to a fulfilling career. If anyone has any questions for me, feel free to tweet me @wordsunwrittn

  8. ohemaa Grace says:

    thank you very much

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