Editor’s Note: 3 Powerful Lessons I have Learnt to Help You Launch Your Own Business


Dedicated to all the ambitious men and women out there

Boy have I grown up since I started this journey. I can’t believe it’s been 10 whole months since I started BLACKCITYGIRL. Time flies when you’re having fun! Launching this venture has been the toughest period of my life to date. Nevertheless the good has always outweighed the bad. If you think it’s been a blast so far, wait until you see what’s next…:)


Had someone peered into a crystal ball last year, and predicted my destiny in this way, I would have laughed my head off, and said “Yeah right”, although I had vaguely considered blogging in the past, I didn’t take it seriously, until I made a conscious decision to write this blog at the beginning of October 2012. In doing so, I committed to weeks of research, discovering:

  • Which other blogs were in my niche
  • What those blogs offered
  • How effectively they communicated their message to their audience

I had a clear vision, from the outset, that I wanted to build a brand which:

  • Had personality
  • Broke away from the norm
  • Provided excellent value

Although I had very little start up capital, I knew this venture was going to have my name written all over it, so I worked around the clock, to create a product that I’m proud of, pretty much designing everything from scratch, and employing professionals to make the finishing touches.

Here are 3 powerful lessons I’ve learnt getting BLACKCITYGIRL off the ground. I figured revealing some of these experiences now, is far more insightful than recalling them in 10 years time – I mean who’s got time for that? Besides, the best content is being saved for a rainy day. There is so much to share, as I have learnt more in 10 months, than my entire life put together, and that is no exaggeration.

Have you thought about launching your own business? Have you recently started? Or are you just nosey – like me? Whatever category you fall into, I hope this information will add value  to your future:

Persistence will give you a winning edge

It’s fair to say, I have eaten, slept, and breathed BCG up to this point. I enjoy putting in the long hours, although there have been moments, which seriously test my patience. Sometimes, I can’t help thinking, that my life would be so much easier, if I didn’t have to perform some of the banal tasks on my to-do-list every day. The problem is, I have always taken the easy route – it’s the story of my life.

I’m one of those people who acts gung ho about a new challenge, and starts with all guns blazing, only to quit a few weeks later. Then I start another one, then quit again. It’s embarrassing. Whether it’s down to sheer laziness or frustration, it has never been a big deal – until now. With this project, I had to confront my behavior and break the pattern because in hindsight, quitting has cost me so many great opportunities. I almost want to kick myself for letting them slip through my fingers.

We all get carried away about an exciting new venture in the first month, but the novelty quickly wears off, over the second, third, and fourth month. It takes real guts to persist, and overcome the enormous temptation, to fall back into our normal routine. Alas, there’s no way we can achieve long-lasting success in life without confronting our inner demons. Any new challenge will test what we are made of, and whether we have the stamina to keep going until we reach our goals.

michael 2

Forget haters if you’re great you’ll make life-long enemies

When your business takes off, don’t be surprised when your family, friends, or spouse become majorly resentful at your success. Unfortunately, a lot of people around you are disappointed with their lives, but they refuse to take responsibility and change. Since they see YOU have the qualities they secretly desire for themselves, they find it far easier to simply blame YOU for their situation, and will often gossip behind your back to feel bigger, rather than putting in the hard work to grow into better individuals.

They’ll claim they can’t stand you, because you have a stinking attitude for instance, when in fact, they’re the ones with the stinking attitude because they’re insecure and jealous of you. More than likely, they’re spitting feathers because, they underestimated your potential, and believed you were somehow beneath them, so when you shine, they inevitably get mad, that you have the audacity to rise above them and achieve your goals.

H.A.T.E.R.S:  Having Anger Towards Those Reaching Success

Welcome to the club of ambition. If you don’t have haters, you’re not doing a good job. Discovering who your enemies are, and flushing them out of your system for good, should only make you smile, because if you were irrelevant, none of this would happen!

Haters will never win

On a personal note, someone has already gone to extraordinary lengths to try and sabotage this venture obsessively hacking and harassing me online every day, committing serious acts of fraud, while putting himself in serious danger, of serious jail time, all in the name of jealousy. And while his actions only serve to incriminate him, thanks to you guys, BCG just keeps on growing and growing and growing! LOL. This is just a sick and twisted, take on what I’ve experienced launching this blog – do you think I’m fazed by this fool…not one bit.

Don’t ever let haters and their venom intimidate you. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Bring your A-Game as there will be thousands of people on this planet, who value your input, your service or product, in comparison to the few who feed off jealousy.

The only way to deal with haters is to block them off completely, otherwise it will play on your emotions, and become extremely hard to progress, when you feel the whole world is against you. The beauty of this is that getting rid of negativity, actually creates room for good people to enter your life. I’ve connected with more dynamic and talented women (like yourself) in these past couple of months, than I have during the past couple of years. No joke.

discipline 1

Discipline is an art

We can have all the passion in the world, but without discipline – forget it, we will be stuck at square one for eternity. Discipline for me is writing and learning every single day of my life even when I don’t feel like it. I can’t say I commit to both religiously but I’m getting there.

It quickly became clear early on, that I would have to be disciplined enough to do the same thing, over and over and over again, learn from my mistakes and move on, learn from my mistakes and move on, it’s not exactly interesting, but I have to follow this process to produce the results required to keep moving forward.

Don’t quit! 

Of course there have been days when I question whether I made the right decision. But that’s when my breakthrough appears. Each time I’m on the cusp of throwing in the towel, something profound happens – I kid you not. Having gone through that scenario a couple of times, has helped me understand that it’s not worth giving up! Even on your worst day, never forget there is so much that lies ahead.

BCG stands for success, getting ahead, being the best version of you, excellence. Now would you believe in it, if this project wasn’t trying to embody those things? I mean if this blog released sloppy posts – you would laugh, and I wouldn’t blame you. I’ve been far from perfect in these last few months, but my point is, if you start anything in life, try to have the discipline, to BE your vision first, before inviting people to believe in your product, service or mission.

And lastly whenever you start something new, go for your dreams, or make things happen please remember:

“People will love you, people will hate you, people will call you any number of names, but they can never call you average.” ~ Yvonne Jane Lorraine

Thanks so much for your support, I really appreciate it. Now go head and show the world what you’re working with.

Until next time,

God Bless,

Yvonne Jane Lorraine. x

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  1. You are definitely an inspiration! I wish you continued success! Please also like me on FB @ http://www.fb.com/journeyofshe

  2. Thanks beautiful! It’s great to meet you. Your page rocks. I will definitely like it. Keep up the hard work!

  3. Denisha says:

    You are an amazing woman. You are such an inspiration to me!!! I love your posts and share them. Keep doing your thang. You have my support always.


  4. Aww Denisha from Twitter 🙂 love ya! So sweet of you to drop by. Thanks for your support, I will certainly try. Nothing in this life is promised, all I can do is keep on grinding.

  5. be focused always

  6. Hikmat Baba Dua says:

    Am touched…will like to contact you further. can u please drop me your email?

  7. Hikmat, I will definitely drop you an email, and Harriet, yep that is it! Focus is the right word.

  8. I had the pleasure of reading this article and I love it! Thanks for the link. I also read the posts on your blog and I loved them too. Lol. Great to meet a guy with a sense of humor. Thanks for all of your support Zicojm, it’s much appreciated.

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