Entertainment: 8 Signs You Are a Basic Chick

If you believe the main definition of basic is

‘An essential, fundamental element or entity.’ Welp! Think again. This 5 letter word has undergone an extreme makeover of late, and is now fashionably thrown around in casual conversations, by women who brand everything they despise as basic (making life so much easier) especially after a few cocktails. When a woman has more sex appeal than you, of course – she’s basic. When she has the audacity to flirt with a guy you like, yep – she’s basic! It seems fickle, until you look in the urban dictionary, which points out:

“A basic is a term used to describe someone with attributes of idiocy, foolishness, and child-like behavior. A basic commonly has little intelligence, and struggles to break down social barriers.”

Sounds outrageous right? But I dare you to tell me you’ve never met a girl like this before. The truth remains, basic chicks DO exist folks – by the truck load. In fact the rise of social media has only driven basic behavior to new lows. As much as you know the girl in question is a living, breathing manifestation of basicness, she is likely to be completely oblivious to her shortcomings.

Even if you try to spell it out, she will still struggle to comprehend, simply because she is so caught up in her own basic bubble! God forbid she does, as she won’t hesitate to stamp out any hint of basic competition, using a range of basic ammunition (like a sledgehammer to crack a nut) which is usually the way basic chicks operate. Hey, my intention isn’t to demean anyone, rather to highlight certain traits that keep some chicks stuck in a rut.

Acting basic is a choice

To progress in the right direction, we must take full responsibility for our basicness, as playing the blame game, will only hold us ransom to basic behavior indefinitely. Let me add that, a basic mindset is diametrically opposed to success. If you’re a true boss chick (and you have your ish together) basic will never appear anywhere near your name. Question is are you basic?

1. Most girls go to school, get a job, move out of their parent’s house, rent or buy a place, and mature by discovering their own identity. But have you noticed, there is always one basic chick who stays at home (cool) the problem is, instead of taking initiative to apply for a job, she deliberately lives off the government, year, after year, after year! The only perceptible changes in her lifestyle are a couple of kids, by a couple of different men, and several pounds in weight. Chances are when you see her again in 10 years time, her situation will be exactly the same – give or take a couple more kids. #BASIC

2. When people ask this basic chick what she aspires to be in life, she has no clue, even though she loathes her job. It’s almost as if thinking requires far too much effort for her pretty little head. Although she does “model” on the side – correction she modeled once for a friend a few years ago. Aside from her budding “modeling” career, she has no ambition because deep down, she is waiting on a rich man to sweep her off her feet – after all she is pretty! Sad part is her time is filled with the most trivial pursuits including getting her nails done, gossiping about friends, and criticizing anyone who gets on her nerves. Absolutely everything is blown out of proportion and she allows pettiness to govern her existence. Her philosophy is her friends do it – so why shouldn’t she. #BASIC

3. This basic chick has nothing going on besides what we see on Instagram and Facebook. She spends all her energy posting selfies; with lipstick, without lipstick, hair up, hair down, with a pout, smiling, cleavage, ass – doesn’t she get it? We don’t care! How many photos must she post before we get the message that, yes she’s attractive. What’s frustrating, is how her constant stream of lame photos clogs up our feed, yet she fails to grasp, that her self-obsession is perceived as desperate by most men, except the thirsty ones! No amount of comments or compliments will recoup her self-esteem, and once the “likes” start dwindling (hasta-ta-la-vista baby) she’ll be back with a vengeance to post more photos. #BASIC

4. There is a big difference between championing your man, and living vicariously through him. I’m talking when a basic chick is a virtual billboard for her man. You wonder whether she gets paid to promote him. Every sentence she utters is about her boyfriend. Supposedly no one can do anything better than him. She uses the kind of superlatives that should be reserved for miracles, yet when you meet him he’s just a flawed human being! One look at her animated face, reveals all her worth is placed in her man’s achievements. The possibility of him leaving rarely crosses her mind, as her entire future is wrapped up in planning for “we” instead of “we” and “me”. #BASIC

5. What happened to faking it the natural way? This basic chick, takes fake to epic proportions, wearing long strip lashes, long Brazilian hair, long fake nails, colored contacts, while slapping on tons of make-up on a daily basis. Listen I’m all for faking it, but this type of fake will induce a multiple personality disorder in no time. The girl who leaves the house, is a completely different person, from the one who lives there. Putting on the costume and plastering on the make-up is a surefire way to attract boys, but it’s a lousy way to keep them. #BASIC

6. When will this basic chick realize that designer clothes don’t make her. On a near minimum wage, and with piling debts, this girl boasts a closet full of Louboutins and Vuitton. She spends all her waking hours plotting what designer clothes to buy next. Every cent she earns is lavished on the latest trend, so she can stunt in the club or bar with her friends. Don’t get me wrong, she always shuts it down, but what’s the point, when the wealthy men she’s trying to attract, do the math (salary = $20k annually, clothes = $20k annually) and dump her anyway, because she is too high maintenance. #BASIC 

7. This basic chick let’s it all to hang out – her ass, her breasts, her back, and her legs! If she’s not squeezing into a dress that is 2 sizes too small, she is revealing flesh at some weird angle, just so she can feel relevant. When it comes to sex, she can’t wait to freak him, as she knows her skills will have any man begging for more – until he gets bored that is – no matter how sweet a woman’s couchie is, men will tell ya, old p**sy, is old pu**sy. #BASIC

8. Any girl who falls pregnant to trap a man, or tattoos his name graphically on her body is basic! Unfortunately this type of girl is so blinded by her basicness, she doesn’t even care how her man makes his money. All she sees is his watch, car, and stacks. She’s loves shrieking about her latest purchases, in public and curses over the slightest things. Her loyalty to her man is so far-fetched, she will do jail time on his behalf or stay with him after he has beaten her to a pulp. #BASIC

Do you agree with this list?

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  1. :O

    These pictures!!! LOL! You have definitely narrowed down the most basic chicks! I know at least one of all the types!


  2. LOL! Thanks for your feedback Whitney.I just can’t with some of these chicks! I’ve encountered and befriended quite a few on this list too. So I’m well acquainted with them. Gotta put my hands up at “Miss Fake” I’m guilty as charged. Although nowadays it’s important to me, that I’m not a false representation of myself. I want to be able to like what I see in the mirror without all the embellishments (in my natural state).

  3. i absolutely loved this lol its right on point

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