Fashion: Top 10 Online Shopping Sites Every Fashionista Should Know About

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Ever found yourself trawling the stores from back to front, for what seems like forever, searching for a specific item of clothing without much luck? Either nothing fits or looks right, your stomach starts groaning uncontrollably, or your shopping buddy suddenly decides they’re “tired” (meaning they would rather be anywhere else in the world but there with you). Giving up feels like defeat, except these days, there really is no need to leave the confines of your own home to go on a good browse. With such an expansive selection online – why would you?

Not everyone is sold on internet shopping

Only 3 out 10 consumers, on average, used the web to buy goods and services in 2012 globally. The downside of shopping online is we can’t try anything on (it’s like window shopping in cyber-space) essentially we can only cross our fingers the size fits, that said, most companies do offer a full refund. Half the battle is determining what suits our body shape, so once that hurdle is out of the way, the internet gives access to a slew of trendy shopping sites, which may not be located in our country or region, but deserve just as much attention as our usual haunts.

Buying online gives off an air, that we can afford to look different (think international dahling – rather than local) while spending the same amount of money. Plus if we’re planning to shop with a boyfriend or husband, a quick check online beforehand, will save us time and headache (you know how impatient men are.) So while everyone else blends into the background, be prepared to fend off endless questions about where you bought your garment from… ha! Your secret is safe with us!

Now here are 10 uber trendy shopping sites you need to know about!

If you want to shop in style, you can’t go wrong with Net-A-Porter. This store is a haven for designer clothes, shoes handbags and jewelery, rightfully winning prestige from fashion editorials, for good reason. Put it this way, if the item is in season, and high fashion, you’ll find it on this site (unless it’s sold out!). One of the original e-luxury shopping destinations, boasting brands such as Valentino, Stella McCartney, and Calvin Klein, the site’s perfected the online shopping experience, making it one of the easiest websites to navigate, with item descriptions, that will prompt you to whip out your credit card, faster than your logic can reason.

Shopbop is the funkier version of Net-A-Porter, offering the latest trends and labels at your fingertips. The large selection makes it an automatic alternative for young women hunting for luxury fashion and bargains alike. No matter what piece of clothing or accessory you’re looking for, Shopbop is guaranteed to have a version of it. Stocking over 600 brands that range from indie favorite Zoe Karssen to Equipment and 3.1 Phillip Lim means you can spend an entire lunch hour and then some cruising around.

The go-to shopping site for every woman who needs a drop dead gorgeous piece for any occasion. However Asos’ speciality, is providing dresses that will make a man drool in seconds. The choice is vast, and the price tags are cheap, in sum: this site is heaven! You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the screen, as you scroll through thousands of dresses. Discover the latest in women’s fashion here, including jeans, shoes and accessories.

A super swanky department store, which also has a fab online boutique for well-heeled fashionistas. Barney’s unique selling point, is that it features diverse collections, from the hippest, fringe labels to luxury household brands. You are guaranteed to find the coolest one off pieces on it’s shopping site, or an item, that will make your friends coo with admiration.

Planning an exotic vaycay soon? Then Intermix is the perfect destination! It seems the sun is always shining on this site, which stocks eclectic clean cut casual wear, sexy swimwear, chunky jewelry and luxurious evening gowns, as well as a range of cute dresses in vibrant colors. The pieces have an LA vibe to them, namely down to Earth, flirty and fun to wear.

Topshop is a global powerhouse, filled with fashion decadence that is bang on trend. You’ll find festival gear, edgy punk rock clothing, and girlie pieces, all year round. Think model Kate Moss meets singer Cassie to get an idea. With new, affordable deliveries arriving each day, there is a constant supply of styles, to keep us entertained.

Zara is full of classic, elegant, feminine pieces for professional women across the globe, and anyone who enjoys looking classy without blowing their budget. Don’t expect bright, tight dresses for the club, imagine simple, muted clothing cut to precision along with chic seasonal accessories – amaze!

If you’re one of those fashionistas who hoards a stash of Loubs under her bed, I don’t blame you, at $1000 a pop you need to guard those babies with your life! This is where Steve Madden comes in, as this site features divine comfortable shoes at a discount, which will definitely stay on your feet for hours, and look chic when paired with the right outfit.

Discover delicate necklaces and bracelets along with an extensive collection of dainty, vintage-inspired rings that will fit a certain type of girl to a tee on this site. This jewelry is simply beautiful and inexpensive considering the craftsmanship.

Ebay is one of those shopping sites that is largely overlooked but still has some of the best bargains and stockists available online. Second hand doesn’t necessarily mean worse off, sometimes we can get a sweet discount for the most luxurious items and wear them as if they were brand new! If all else fails, don’t forget to do a search on this site as you maybe surprised as to what you find.

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Have you shopped on any of the sites above? Would you recommend them?

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  1. Toni G. says:

    I love all these sites!! I personally love, and I have great experiences especially with ebay. Ebay has options where you can actually get the product “new.” However sometimes the product is more than the actual retail price in the store. It is a very trustworthy site. Enjoy online shopping, ladies!

  2. Thanks for your feedback Toni! I’m a huge fan of all the above too. Ebay has bargains for days! No matter your budget or style, these sites offer something for every woman.

  3. Delores Lewis says:

    These are some great sites! I especially love shopping at online independent fashion marketplaces. They are excellent for finding the most unique and sexy dresses for when I want to go out for a night on the town with my girls. I’m actually looking for a dress right now for this weekend!

  4. I have used Ali Express before but mostly for small stuff. Some friends have bought clothes but more often than not they come in the wrong size. Otherwise pretty decent and has worldwide shipping – free to most places.

  5. Those are GREAT sites to look at, is also an awesome site!

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