Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Guest blog by: Vivien Rose Why am I not happy? Have you ever done it by the book? You take pride in your appearance (and so you should), you worked hard to get your qualifications, you got your own apartment in the right part of town and […]

Editor’s Note: 3 Powerful Lessons I have Learnt to Help You Launch Your Own Business

Dedicated to all the ambitious men and women out there Boy have I grown up since I started this journey. I can’t believe it’s been 10 whole months since I started BLACKCITYGIRL. Time flies when you’re having fun! Launching this venture has been the toughest period of my life to date. Nevertheless the good has […]

Career: 6 Ways Higher Education Helped My Confidence and Future Prospects

Guest blog by: Rae Dosoo Education has always been an important part of my life, from my chubby munchkin days to now. Growing up, I often visited the library; it was there I began my love affair with reading and wanting to know everything. Yes, I was the ‘geeky’ kid that always carried a book, asked […]

Marriage Manifesto – 12 Ways to Attract a Good Man and Keep Him! Part 2

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Finding The One Is Like Finding The Perfect Dress. Be the best version of you! Women who are passionate about their lives, and have the courage to achieve their dreams have an “It Factor”. They don’t wait on things to happen, they make things happen, as a result […]

Entertainment: 8 Signs You Are a Basic Chick

If you believe the main definition of basic is ‘An essential, fundamental element or entity.’ Welp! Think again. This 5 letter word has undergone an extreme makeover of late, and is now fashionably thrown around in casual conversations, by women who brand everything they despise as basic (making life so much easier) especially after a few […]

Fashion: Top 10 Online Shopping Sites Every Fashionista Should Know About

Make a decision already Ever found yourself trawling the stores from back to front, for what seems like forever, searching for a specific item of clothing without much luck? Either nothing fits or looks right, your stomach starts groaning uncontrollably, or your shopping buddy suddenly decides they’re “tired” (meaning they would rather be anywhere else […]

Lifestyle: 5 Super Effective Sexy Thigh and Butt Exercises

Guest blog: by Esin PT So let’s train your legs and butt! You know how you want your thighs and butt to look, but you’re unsure exactly what exercises to perform.  The following 5 exercises will help you sculpt and accentuate a beautiful pair of legs, along with a butt shaped like a half moon (that […]

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