Marriage Manifesto – 12 Ways to Attract a Good Man and Keep Him! Part 1

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Finding The One Is Like Finding The Perfect Dress.

At first glance, you just know! 

Your own intuition tells you, the dress is a knock out. All that remains is to examine the finer details, by weighing up the pros and cons, testing the garment’s durability, comparing it to other options, until you finally snap it up, but not before seeking out the approval of your friends and family. Beware: squeezing into a gorgeous dress and nominating it anyway, is a direct route to the wrong decision – save yourself the embarrassment. The right dress should fit like a glove, and make you feel like a million dollars, just like the right man.

Most single ladies fantasize about meeting the one. Even those who have seemingly given up on the idea, and claim marriage is just a piece of paper (uh-huh) daydream about it. It’s one of the birthrights of being a female. Everyone likes to watch a good love story, although you’ve gotta admit, relationships are so complex these days, the happily ever after ending, is often just the beginning in real life.

The secrets to acquiring an amazing married life are not difficult to follow

Particularly when we find a man we admire and respect, who provides and adores us in return. Unlike fiction however, a loving marriage requires a lifetime of work and commitment from both sides. Once we are dedicated to making each quality on this list an integral part of our persona, not only will we attract a high class – not average ladies – but a top notch husband, we will keep him. If you want to marry the best catch possible this is for you.

He will make it official

1. Know your worth

Self-esteem is defined as confidence and satisfaction in one self, plus your overall evaluation or appraisal of your own worth. In other words, if you were a share on the stock market, what price would you sell yourself for? As someone who has suffered from a low self-esteem in the past, I have found it is imperative we take good care of ourselves from the inside out, by practicing self-love daily.

We cannot enjoy a healthy relationship with any man until we build a high self-esteem founded on authenticity. There is no use bragging about confidence while our actions scream of insecurity. This is precisely why, we make horrible decisions when our self-esteem is in the toilet, because we don’t feel worthy of having the best, and settle for anything we can get, rather than what we truly want or deserve. For this reason, a low self-esteem will cause us to bend over backwards for men, and results in desperate behavior, poor decision making and disastrous relationships.

stand outStand out of the crowd

Sustaining a long term relationship with Mr Right, requires you to have the courage to be the woman you were intended to be, rather than the woman you think he wants you to be. This trait alone will separate you from trillions of other city girls.

The reality is, men become lazy and bored when a woman is predictable, and will cease to put in any effort when he already has us figured out. Having your own personality will present him with a challenge, that keeps him working to win your attention, not the other way around. Moreover like attracts like, if you have a high self-esteem with your own purpose and drive, chances are the men who show interest, will also be cut from the same cloth.

2. Get rid of emotional baggage

Give him a break

Dragging negative energy into a new relationship is the quickest way to make any man run for the hills. Even a guy with good intentions will eventually tire of paying for the sins of every other person, or event that has done us wrong. Therefore, it is essential we resolve all the problems we maybe harboring, such as anger at life, bitterness towards an ex, personality flaws, financial debt, family woes or childhood pain. Sometimes issues run deep and warrant professional help – there is no shame in needing to see a therapist to resolve a specific issue in order to cope or heal.

3. Let your body mass index do the talking

Love the skin you are in

Too many heated debates focus on the difference between thick and fat, when there’s a machine invented to tell us the truth. If your BMI indicates that you fall outside the normal range, devise a plan to lose the excess weight. Don’t try to fit into society’s standards of beauty, no, no, no, you don’t need to be skinny to be valuable. Concentrate on getting healthy.

Discover what works for you, and tell yourself that failure in the weight loss department is NOT an option, unless you want to be single forever. Bearing in mind, this is a sensitive subject for some, please remember obesity is a killer on so many levels, it kills our self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and it also causes diseases that can literally kill us. What’s more, excess fat is not cute (although some may beg to differ) there is nothing cute about carrying rolls on our stomach, arms, back and thighs. Absolutely nothing. And we are striving for cute ladies.

4. Put your best foot forward

Sexy at night

How many serious suitors have you met in a club? Yet we spend hours, even days getting ready for a night out, ensuring everything looks perfect! Do you put in the same amount of effort on a daily basis? Mr Right rarely appears when we plan. The likelihood is, you will meet your future husband unexpectedly, meaning, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Therefore preparation is key. You just never know where he might be lurking, and once he shows up, acting inhibited is hardly the route you want to take. I learned this the hard way, after bumping into an ex-boyfriend, and looking such a hot mess, I actually contemplated jumping into the bushes! Do I want to find myself in that position, when Mr Right comes along– no way hosay!

Ladylike during the day

If you’re one of those girls who can’t be bothered in the mornings: a little effort goes a long way. It’s funny how applying lipstick will persuade men to open doors, give up seats, and well…let you get away with murder – I didn’t make the rules, but let’s at least turn them to our advantage.

The fact remains, most men are still impressed by women who are well-groomed, well-mannered and well-spoken. Incorporating daily bathing, skin care, facials, weekly manicures, hair care, monthly pedicures, eyebrow grooming and waxing, is important but jeeeeeez is it costly (and we’re going through a recession) so why not learn to do these things yourself.

5. Learn to apply flawless make-up

Invest in the best beauty products

Every woman looks prettier and more polished with make-up. Granted some prefer the au-natural look (which is fine if you have Halle Berry’s bone structure) however, the rest of us mere mortals need a little help. Learning to apply make-up professionally is like a secret weapon, that can be unleashed at a moment’s notice. You see the whole point, is to stand out and look hot. Don’t be shy. Switch on YouTube or seek assistance from a professional make-up artist at your favorite store.

Layering tons of make-up on our face isn’t attractive. Leave the tranny look for trannies. This blog will spotlight the colors, utensils, products to buy as well as the tricks of the trade to make your learning experience, both fun and informative. Step up your game, with an impeccable appearance, refined manners and posture. Whether we like it or not, we are competing in this dating game, as we would for a job, so let’s get in to win!

6. Become Approachable

Be the life and soul of the party

To increase our chances of meeting the one, we must make a concerted effort to become more social. Let’s not forget, a big smile is more powerful than words. Wearing one will present an excuse for your perfect match to say hello.

Men gravitate towards cheerful women, and will be far quicker to ask a happy female out on a date versus a miserable one.  With your new approach, you are guaranteed to look and feel awesome. So take your mind off the haters, make your presence known, do you and surround yourself with people who possess the same attitude and qualities, as a top notch man is sure to notice these details.

Do you agree with this list?

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  1. All of these points are so valid and crucial!! To recap the points are: to practice self love daily, never drag negativity in a relationship (find help to get over it), love the skin ya got (I can help you if this is a struggle 😉 ), get on the good foot aka.. put your best foot forward, invest in good skin products, and be approachable! Working on the first and second one will ease the tension of the rest. Ladies who love their skin naturally like I do most days, this does not mean you don’t care for your skin at all. Moisturize and use face scrubs to clean those pores 🙂 great first partner!

  2. I love all of these and do them as well. # 1 is the top advice a woman can take to heart. By knowing yourself worth and really believing it at all times. You are unstoppable no matter what life brings your way. At 50, I have over came many failures throughout my life because I knew me. I refuse to allow what others do or think to me be a defining character for who I am… I am a invincible, unique, smart, kind, loving, beautiful and strong woman of virtue. And above all, I love and trust God for creating me just as I am. And out of all the relationships that I have been in and out of throughout my life, I value my relationship with Him the most. He is a keeper. Thanks for being so informative in our Community. We definitely need it. Martha

  3. Thanks for stopping by to read this and I love your advice! Your wisdom is sure to help many others! Getting my self esteem in order has been a top priority for me in the past year, as I could see certain patterns in my dating life which were aligning me with men who were toxic. I’m a proponent of making an effort wherever I go. I’ve found being approachable is important to attract good people in general.

  4. Laira Dete says:

    Have stopped to say that ur advise is what i need…yeah build my self esteem..i sure was struggling.Thrx thex alot

  5. Mak Alice says:

    I really think this is nice and would love to read the part to will??

  6. Thank you ladies! I’m glad you enjoyed this post and got value from it. Of course part 2 is coming soon!

  7. Its okay.

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