Success: Sophia Grace Clothing Line – Is This Ghanaian Lady the Next Big Thing?

SOPHIA GRACE is talented!

You’ll find it hard not to marvel over these eye catching pieces, quite simply because they’re stunning. It’s not often we can point to a label which encapsulates, exactly what real women want to wear. Yet this young Ghanaian lady from London, UK, is one of a few female designers to grasp just that, by creating soft, cutting edge silhouettes while fusing vibrant colors, with clean, sharp tailoring into each garment, resulting in a collection which defiantly oozes with femininity, so much so, that her finest creations have already secured coveted roles in various commercials and editorials, around the world.

Notoriously private, Sophia Grace launched her eponymous label, 2 years ago, and this Spring/Summer collection is her 3rd to have been delivered with aplomb. What’s more, Sophia Grace recently opened her online store to the delight of every fashionista in town. I couldn’t wait to catch up with her, as she is one of my inspirations. I stumbled upon her collection while aimlessly browsing the web last year, and was blown away by her exceptional talent! When I discovered the lady behind the talent, was a 29 year old BLACKCITYGIRL I knew I had to interview the brains behind the label.

One of the most divine Spring/Summer 2013 collections on the fashion scene

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?

This collection was my first time showing lace, which I really enjoyed working with. I also became reacquainted with silk organza, which I used in my debut collection, 2 years ago. I wanted to infuse this collection with bold, summery colors such as oceanic shades, to tell the story of my ss13 collection. I love creating classic, clean, elegant clothing for the modern woman.

What makes you unique from other designers?

I didn’t study fashion at school, so I’m self taught. Growing up in a family of dressmakers, meant I spent a lot of time around my grandmother. This is where my interest in fashion developed and became apparent from a young age. I was a creative child and quite deft with my hands I enjoyed drawing and making things. I think my creativity was acknowledged at a young age.

People design and customize pieces all the time, what motivated you to start designing entire collections?

My collections are a collaboration of work, and ideas. Every piece is an idea of its own, telling a story from beginning to end. I love the process of designing a collection, and enjoy to see people appreciate and understand the theme for each season. I am content when people gush over particular designs, then I know I’ve met my goal.

How do you find time to design if you’re working full time?

I love spending time in the evening, working on my collection, I find it very therapeutic drawing and pattern designing, while listening to my Roberts radio. It took me 4 months to design this collection, as I was working on it frantically after work everyday.

Click on any picture to view her complete collection:

Which 5 pieces capture the essence of your current collection?

  1. Look 1&2: The simple blue dress. Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles! This piece is actually two looks in one. It’s versatile and such a statement piece, featuring the SOPHIA GRACE collar detail.
  2. Look 4: The little white dress. The SOPHIA GRACE design aesthetic is minimal edge, with elegance with this piece I wanted to play around with texture
  3. Look 5: The black jumpsuit. Another first for the collection features a jumpsuit. This is one of my favorite pieces – using silk, organza and lace.
  4. Look 7: The blue lace dress. SS13 was my first time working with lace, I really love the intimacy of lace and with this piece the deep v front details maintains that intimacy with class. 
  5. Look 11: The blue classic lace shift dress. A SS13 staple in my opinion.

What difficulties have you faced starting up your own line?

Resourcing was one of the hardest challenges. It took a long time to find the right materials with the consideration of sustainability.

Who is your mentor?

My mother and my grandmother are both my inspiration. They galvanised my creativity with their open and humble mindedness.

Which fashion designers inspire you?

I admire the work of Elie Saab (couture) for glamour and elegance. Chanel (couture) for classic and timeless.

What motivates you to keep persisting?

There is nothing better than enjoying what you do, it’s motivation in itself. I enjoy drawing, designing, pattern making, sewing, working with beautiful colors and amazing fabrics. What we wear helps define ourselves and the way we feel. I enjoy contributing to part of that process.

What legacy would you like to be remembered for?

Simplicity and elegance. Acknowledging trends but being unaffected by them.

Click on the link below to watch a SOPHIA GRACE dress, featuring in a commercial for Kew Garden Homes:


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