Marriage Manifesto – 12 Ways to Attract a Good Man and Keep Him! Part 1

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Finding The One Is Like Finding The Perfect Dress. At first glance, you just know!  Your own intuition tells you, the dress is a knock out. All that remains is to examine the finer details, by weighing up the pros and cons, testing the garment’s durability, comparing […]

Relationships: 5 Ways Being Single Will Dramatically Improve Your Life!

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love I’m going to strangle the next person who asks me, “Are you single??” For the most part Living a single girl’s life in the city is Fun, with a capital F, the freedom is great, not having to be accountable to anyone is even better. Many amusing […]

Career: Don’t Panic! 7 Interview Tips to Help You Secure Any Job

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love I could be in bed right now I know what it’s like… To breeze through an interview without a care in the world. When your well-rehearsed career pitch rolls off your tongue with ease, and is met with agreeable nods from the interviewer who obviously can’t contain […]

Success: Sophia Grace Clothing Line – Is This Ghanaian Lady the Next Big Thing?

SOPHIA GRACE is talented! You’ll find it hard not to marvel over these eye catching pieces, quite simply because they’re stunning. It’s not often we can point to a label which encapsulates, exactly what real women want to wear. Yet this young Ghanaian lady from London, UK, is one of a few female designers to grasp […]

Editor’s Note: 4 Events Which Inspired Me to Create This Blog

It’s been far too long This time, there is no excuse, so I may as well confess, that as a copywriter, I find it far easier to draft the unique selling points of a brown paper bag, to the extent you may even consider buying one to mask your “friend’s” face (hey we all have […]

Relationships: Why a Man Will Never Wife a Walkover

You’re the woman every hot blooded male drools over! Even on your ugliest days, you’re impossible to miss, with your cute smile, curvy breasts, high cheekbones and flawless skin. Male work colleagues trip over themselves vying for your attention, while women find it hard to restrain their jealousy. On most nights, you can be found […]

Career: 5 Ways to Dress to Land Your Dream Job

Want to be taken seriously? Guest blog by: Gerena Gregory A few months ago, I walked into a corporate building in Manhattan, and literally gasped when I saw a young lady, in her early twenties donning the tiniest black miniskirt, which looked more suited for the club! As busy as the foyer was, everyone – from […]

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