Entertainment: Your 7 Step Guide to a Millionaire

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At BLACKCITYGIRL we applaud every woman brave enough to admit what she wants, plus anyone who has the balls to pursue it. On top of that, we believe that if your ultimate goal is to ensnare a man with money, then for heaven’s sake – do it properly! Just remember every choice you make in life, has a definite consequence.

Now study our checklist below to see if you meet the standard before pursuing a rich man

Rule Number 1

Your body is your money maker

There is no use endeavoring to score a rich man if you do not have the tools to do so! Such as an accountant needs to be superb with numbers, any girl worth her salt should have a superb body in order to lure her prey. After all, your looks and sex appeal personify how he would like the rest of the world to view his personal fortune. Therefore your figure must always be in tip-top shape (no excuses). Let’s not forget he will expect you to look stellar on his arm 24/7.

Rule Number 2

Your dress sense must reflect wealth

First impressions count. Don’t ever assume a rich man will talk to you purely because of your pretty face, he will only date a woman he feels comfortable around. Even if you make the first move, he won’t want to be seen dead in your company unless you can reflect his lofty tastes to a certain degree.

Rule Number 3

Pay attention to detail

All rich men care about their appearance (or they pay someone else to care). It goes without saying, they can afford a haircut, manicure and pedicure anytime they please. A rich man understands the subconscious message his polished appearance communicates to his peers and to snag him, you must adopt the same values.

Rule Number 4

Your watch speaks volumes

Forget buying the latest “It” bag. A woman should flaunt an expensive watch on her arm instead. In the world of high-flyers a watch is a focal point. A successful man sizes up another successful man by scrutinizing his watch. For this reason, owning a flashy timepiece will unwittingly give off an air of independence and class.

Rule Number 5

Speak properly

A pretty face, scorching hot body, immaculate grooming, gorgeous hair and make-up and a pricey watch, will achieve nothing if you can’t string a sentence together! Yes, all of the above will persuade him to approach you, however what happens when you open your mouth? Oh dear – this is where most women struggle. It’s almost embarrassing to look the part then fall flat on your conversational skills. Not all rich men require a woman to be intelligent but at least learn to speak the English (or your native) language properly.

Rule Number 6

Be Confident

Assertiveness is sexy but desperation is not. By all means seduce him and be feminine, nonetheless, adopt a take it or leave it attitude, especially if the outcome of your first encounter, date or relationship does not meet your expectations. The best way forward is to maintain your composure in preparation for your next big $$$ conquest.

Rule Number 7

Be at the right place at the right time

Even if you have ticked all of the above, hanging out in a tragic venue with a pathetic crowd will make all of your hard work useless. A rich man can only choose from the women in front of him! So make sure to research the hippest locations before applying the previous 6 rules to your game plan.

Are there any points you agree or disagree with on this list?

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