Relationships: 7 Things a Rich Man NEVER Wants a Gold Digger to Find Out

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There is an unspoken code of conduct when a rich man dates a gold digger 

Even if he marries her, he will never respect her as an equal. What’s more he will treat her like a commodity, namely something to be used until she reaches her sell by date, then he’ll dump her in the trash and replace her with a newer model. And if she is determined to stick around, then she should brace herself for a life centered around him.

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Rich men have money, and lots of it, they know how to spend it and do so lavishly! They socialize together at specific events and locations around the world. They are part of a privileged set and boy do they know it. They waste no time in acquiring hired help as well as cajoling others to bend over backwards to meet their demands.

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Whether he has inherited or worked hard for his fortune, every single wealthy man on Earth, has experienced the best money has to offer. So when it comes to a female companion, he is guaranteed to pick the crème de la crème.  After all, he can afford to do whatever it takes to score a gold digger but beneath it all:

There are 7 things a rich man NEVER wants a gold digger to find out

1. He will not hesitate to dump you

Just like a change of weather he may decide that he’s had enough one day and cancel the credit cards, take all the keys, designer gear and leave you with nothing. Nothing? How humiliating. Meanwhile you suffer from a case of paralysis whenever anyone advises you to leave him for your own good.

2. He does not care about you as an individual

He will have encountered many women like yourself, even if he hasn’t, he will be wary of your motives and treat you with little regard knowing he has bought you. Deep down we all have ambitions, fears, dreams and passions which you cannot share with the man you are most intimate with.

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3. He is not interested in your well being

Even if he attempts to care, his act will eventually slip and he will find a good reason for the limelight to return back onto him. You on the other hand, will have to go out of your way to contain any resentment while having to please him physically which requires emotional investment on your behalf – let’s not forget, repeated sex with the same man will cause a woman to feel emotionally connected to him.

 4. He will demand all types of sexual gratification

You will be on hand to make his fantasies come to life – however perverted they maybe. Perhaps you think you are smart extracting money from him at a drop of a hat but the price of having this status will often come at the expense of your dignity and self respect.

5. You will never enjoy real love

How sad to discover many years down the line (when it is too late) that you have sacrificed friends, family, an incredible love life to achieve your goal. The point is, bad choices have the power to drive away the people you love the most – friends and family. Equally, bad choices will prevent a person who could love you properly from entering your life as well.

6. You won’t be the only woman in his life

A rich man always has a little black book of past and future conquests at the ready. You will have to deal with drama, confrontations, accusations, negativity from other jealous women just for being seen on his arm.

7. You will be treated like a show piece

Don’t get it twisted, a gold digger’s role is merely to bolster a rich man’s status, like a hard to find Andy Warhol painting you will simply be another object he has frantically pursued and bought. Of course, there are many financial perks to being in this position, albeit, you must get accustomed to being marched around like a trophy as he will want to show you off to his army of wealthy friends.

All that glitters isn’t gold

It’s easy to see how alluring the gold digging lifestyle looks on the outside, when in fact it offers nothing more than a hollow existence with a seedy underbelly. By far the biggest tragedy is the huge proportion of young women who get caught up in the hope of experiencing glamour and riches only to fall for their filthy beneficiaries.

Over time, these women get stuck in a rut unable to leave the hand that exploits feeds them. This is the main reason why many gold diggers end up being spat out. Their lives are shattered when they suddenly find themselves alone after being dumped with no plan B. It’s a cautionary tale that happens all too often nowadays – let it not happen to you.

What’s your opinion on this lifestyle?

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  1. michelle says:

    this is a very wonderful write-up…

  2. Michelle you rock! Thanks for reading this & your wonderful feedback! Please spread the word about BlackCityGirl blog.

  3. Ronald okoth says:

    The truth indeed

  4. Goldigging is common,bcoz life’s hard,en finding clean money is even harder,so the pretty galz end up goldigging,as a shortcut.

  5. Thanks for your feedback Ronald. Charity, gold digging has become a “career move” in many respects. I get it. I just thought it would be interesting to highlight some of the unspoken consequences of this lifestyle as they’re largely overlooked, esp as we’re seeing women all over society, living the so called “high life” as a result of gold digging.

    There is a price to pay, but why come to that realization when it’s too late? We should think about the outcome before we indulge. It’s easy to attract a wealthy guy when we’re goodlooking, but there are a million other hot women…so what’s new. If a gold digger isn’t replaced she will move onto the next playboy and face the same issues. The hardest route to take in life is always the most lacklustre to the naked eye, but in hindsight, is the direction that eventually delivers long term happiness. The bottom line is, it’s a choice.

  6. I just dont like women who dont believe in themselves that they have same GOD given potential to work hard for their money and be rich or wealthy on their own. Once you have made it on your own and successful then you will attract a similar man and they won’t treat you like trash because you are on the same level.

  7. i would not sacrifice my self respect and dignity for the dollars

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