Relationships: Are You a Gold Digger or a Goal Digger?

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From an early age

It was my dream to have a handsome, rich man come along to sweep me off my feet – oh how naïve I was!  As I grew up, I cottoned onto the fact that in reality, there was a heavy price to pay for my fantasies. You see, gold digging isn’t for the faint hearted; it is a cruel and ruthless business.

Just like the strategic marketing campaigns behind your favorite household brands

Think Mcdonalds, Pepsi, Apple, a successful gold digger must carefully study and narrow in on her target market, and package her looks in a way that will swiftly secure her a rich man, before she is completely chewed up and spat out. She needs to put a price on her sexuality and call attention to the fact that her time is money.

Gold digging is far from taboo; in truth it stands as one of the most popular oldest transactions in human history usually carried out by a fast living, older rich man and a broke, beautiful young woman. Despite the obvious repercussions (which may not be obvious to the naked eye) many young women choose to use their sexuality as a quick way to secure their trinkets nowadays.

Have you seen a hot dress lately and caught yourself thinking – ‘If only I could afford that, I would feel more…’ attractive, special, confident? Whatever your reason, keep in mind that, it is human nature to covet what we cannot have because we always associate those desired items with the state of being satisfied and fulfilled.

Sadly, a gold digger needs to place a great deal of emphasis on her sexual prowess, above anything else. Therefore, she will inevitably suffer from a low self esteem which is prompted by her insatiable urge to offer up all sorts of degrading sexual favors in exchange for designer handbags and shoes. Of course, rocking the trendiest clothes will boost her ego for a while, but once the initial thrill fades, her self esteem will plunge to its former levels.

All those expensive gifts come at a price

This is one of the main reasons why choosing a gold digger’s lifestyle will leave us on a slippery slope. In effect, this means “selling our soul” to maintain a constant supply of luxury goods so that we can temporarily feel good – just like a drug addict.

Before falling into the sleazy hands of a sugar daddy or playboy, there’s no harm in trying to think of ways to sensibly raise money to fund our lifestyle. At the very least, we should take the time to seriously weigh up the pros and cons of using our body in exchange for money and gifts as it will damage our mental and emotional psyche.

Your thoughts?

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    This type of Money Grabbing attitude is prevalent in Jamaica.

  2. Thanks for reblogging this article Pastoiraatid! It’s an amazing gesture. This type of attitude is prevalent globally & I have been guilty of it myself. It results in women focusing on the wrong priorities in a partner (although financial security is important) & it allows some men to become arrogant as they know women will do anything to be with them.

  3. Selorm Addom says:

    wonderful piece

  4. Thanks for the feedback Selorm, it’s much appreciated!

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