Beauty: 15 of the Hottest Red Lipsticks For Black Women

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Trends come and go but the classic red lip has been a fixture on the fashion map for decades

There’s no denying that a flattering red lipstick, can transform even the most average woman, to babe status in seconds! Just a quick search on YouTube, will reveal thousands of tutorials attesting to its powers.

Finding the right shade is all it takes to become an instant head turner, plus bring out the inner vixen in you. No amount of hair flicking, or hip gyrating compares to the presence of a bold red lip, so why do so many black women shy away from wearing it? Yes neutral lips are safe, but playing it safe is boring.

The problem is, finding a flattering shade is akin to winning the lottery, I won’t regale you with my endless tales of trawling make-up counters, so here’s a comprehensive, condensed list of the best brands and shades available for our complexion – hallelujah!

Still not convinced…have a quick scroll through these 6 reasons, to find out why you should be more daring:

1A good red lipstick will make your skin glow. What’s more, classic red lips cause your eyes and teeth to pop in a way no other lip color can. The intensity of the rouge will enhance your features to a point where your face looks polished and radiant.

2. A good red lipstick allows you to keep the rest of your make-up neutral. All you need is a good base, strong brows, gold shimmer on your cheekbones, mascara and liquid eyeliner to accompany your dazzling pout.

3. A good red lipstick is flexible. If you have a lunch meeting and need to appear assertive: wear your red lipstick. If you have a date and want to look seductive: wear your red lipstick. If you have brunch with friends, need to attend church or a family gathering and wish to look timeless and chic: wear your red lipstick.

4. A good red lipstick is a turn on for men. One of the reasons red lipstick is so sensual is biological because red lips mimic the blood rushing to your lips down there – need I say more. 

5. A good red lipstick will revamp your image at a moment’s notice. No matter how dated your outfit is, red lipstick is the only product that can swiftly update your image.

6. A good red lipstick can be worn in various textures yet still has the same impact. Whether in a gloss, matt or cream form the color will always make a bold statement.

Update: Two words: RiRi Woo.

What the stylish girls buy:

MAC Lipstick: From $15.00

  • Ruby Woo (best seller)
  • Viva Glam
  • Rambler’s Red (our fave)
  • Dare You

NARS Lipstick: From $24.00

  • Jungle Red (best seller)
  • Orange Red
  • Mascate Matt Lipstick (our fave)
  • Cruella Matt Lip Pencil

BOBBI BROWN Lipstick: From $24.00

  • Red (best seller)
  • Old Hollywood
  • Burnt Red (our fave)
  • Valentine

CHANEL Lipstick: From $32.00

  • Pirate Satin Finish Lipsitck (best seller)
  • Rouge Velvet La Fascinante
  • Matt No 38 (our fave)

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  1. Not a fan of red lipstick, maybe because I could never find one that looked good!

  2. LCE I had the same issue for years. This is why I liased with my friends and went around the make-up counters to narrow it down to the best 15.These shades flatter dark and lighter complexions which is rare. Of course there is a wider range available especially at MAC. Check them out! When you have time, it would be great to hear your feedback.

    Also want to thank the lady who shared this post on her blog! Thank you I saw it and was smiling from ear to ear – literally!! I’ll find the name of your blog & add it in this comment shortly.

  3. Jane Fonda says:

    Wet n Wild Fierce #928

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