Fashion: 10 Investment Pieces Every Smart Woman Needs

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Vanessa Vernon has worked as a stylist for the best fashion houses – no less, and for countless professionals on a consultation basis. On first impressions you might think she’s just another stylist, but think again; this lady’s eye for detail is eagerly sought after by career women and socialites alike. The thing is, she doesn’t just style, she’s also innately stylish; the two rarely go hand in hand. These days you’ll find her browsing stores for the latest trends while advising women on how to dress with class and confidence. Albeit, beneath the fashion jargon, she’s a girl’s girl, who enjoys making other women feel spectacular by sharing her passion. And with her growing rosta of happy clients, she is clearly someone who knows her stuff. Had this list been complied a few years ago, I would have saved myself a fortune and avoided all those ugly fashion fads.

10 investment pieces every smart woman needs Vanessa Vernon – guest blog

alicia keyszoe sThe Little Black Dress


No wardrobe is complete without a little black dress ladies. This staple harks back to the 1920’s when Coco Chanel introduced the LBD, and its popularity soared, making it a firm favorite on the social scene. To this day every woman deserves a simple, versatile, sexy black dress. The goal is to find a version that will make you look effortless! Bring your wardrobe up to date, by investing in an LBD with a scoop or high neck, one which has capped, or ¾ length sleeves. However if you prefer to amp up your sex appeal, buy a good quality sleeveless, leather or body-con style. Don’t be put off, as the right LBD will look chic on a woman of any shape and size. Try wearing it with a blazer and flat pumps for a daytime look, or a statement necklace, clutch and stilettos for the evening.

kerrychanel 1keke


Patent black pumps add that crucial X-Factor to any outfit. Even tomboys have occasions where they need to show up and announce they’ve arrived. You really can’t go wrong investing in a pair of these, because patent leather puts the “S” in special. Rightly so, as the light naturally bounces off the high gloss coating, making them far more appealing in comparison to say, an average pair of leather pumps. This shoe has been in vogue for the past decade in a variety of shapes, so you can be sure it’s not going anywhere. Buy a pair of pointed toe pumps with a killer heel, to exude an air of confidence. These shoes are my idea of seventh heaven because they can be paired with absolutely everything. And they have major #SexAppeal (watch out boys!)

HP Paper Magazine Party "Celebrating 25 Years Of Paper And Ink" On September 8, 2009 In New York, NYbeyonceselena gomezkarolina


Nothing says, “I mean business” like a well tailored blazer. We don’t have long to make an impact, but it’s a no-brainer that everyone will look twice at a woman wearing a striking jacket. Timeless blazers are best selected in simple fabrics, and darker shades, as these hues will complement most outfits, but for those who are more daring, try a patterned or bright colored version. The secret to finding a superb piece, is paying attention to the DETAIL #TheDevilIsInTheDetail. Scrutinize the shade, fabric, buttons, width of the lapel before you hand over your hard earned cash! And of course, ensure it emphasizes your waist, as there’s nothing sexier than a small waist (right ?) even if you don’t have one, buying a blazer which tapers in, will give the illusion of a small midriff. Avoid double breasted blazers as they tend not to complement most body types, unless you’re wearing it over a cocktail dress or specifically looking for a boyish cut.

chanel 1gabbysolange


The leather jacket is a perfect example of a transitional piece, meaning you can wear it all year round. Leather jackets aren’t exactly urban, but they’re cool and lend a tough edge to outfits. If you’re wearing a print dress – pairing it with a leather jacket dilutes the cute factor, giving off a trendy and laid back vibe. You may not be able to shell out on a high end version (such as the leather jackets by Balenciaga and Rick Owens) but the trick is to have a look at their latest collections online for inspiration, then hunt for a cheaper version with similar detailing. The beauty of a leather jacket is it’s versatility. In addition, it can be layered under a winter coat during the autumn/winter seasons.


Have you seen the price tags on designer handbags lately? They’re eye-watering to say the least, so before investing in any designer bag, you must do your research as some bags are truly timeless, while others are just rip-offs. The Chanel classic flap is the queen of designer handbags. No surprises that it sends most women into a frenzy. Ignore the cost for a moment and consider, it’s one of a few bags that can be gifted down, from generation to generation, such is its longevity. Not only is this bag, versatile, and iconic to the Chanel brand, it also embodies luxury and oozes elegance, because of it’s workmanship. Women love the small details such as it’s interlocking CC logo plus leather and chain interwoven handle. Alternatively try buying a simple black tote (shown above) as you can’t really go wrong with a classic black bag.


Denim can make or break an outfit. The problem is we tend to buy into the latest fads, without carefully considering whether the jeans actually suit our shape. If you have a curvy bottom, make sure the pockets on the back are small and high to give your butt a lift. If you have wide hips, opt for a pair which is high-waisted, so you won’t have to fret about exposing butt cleavage #TurnOff. Vibrant colored skinny jeans are the way to go this season. Nonetheless, the best thing about shopping for jeans is the wide variety – there’s no case as one size fits all. There are a plethora of shapes inc: boot cut, straight leg, flared, skinny, cropped, high rise, mid rise, low rise, plus all the different washes. When searching for an investment pair, it’s wise to buy dark blue jeans as they can function in any situation, dressed up, dressed down; worn with ballerina pumps or heels.

zoe 2


Whether you’re attending an interview, work do, going for drinks, or meeting the in-laws, wearing a well tailored white shirt, will give you all the kudos you need. Pair it with jeans for a casual look, or a suit to give you presence. Many women overlook the white shirt as an investment piece, when in fact it’s one of the most classic, fail safe treasures you can own. Granted, it’s usually worn in a formal setting, but this shirt is also fun and flirty, when slightly unbuttoned with jeans and pumps. Think Sarah Jessica Parker, in a white shirt paired with Manolo Blahniks in Sex & The City, and you’ll get the gist.

kim skirtkelly skirt


What more can a woman ask for, than a skirt that accentuates her curves. A pencil skirt is super sophisticated and grown up. On one hand, it’s office-appropriate, yet the fashion angle gives it cocktail credentials, so this is a look that works morning to night, Monday to Friday. Tight silhouettes are bang on trend, but you can experiment with a billowing style as well, which tends to sit high up on the waist, and leave plenty of room on the hips. Express yourself by choosing a bold color or metallic texture, and couple it with a blouse in the day or camisole for the night.



The trench coat was designed somewhere between 1850 and 1901, by Burberry and Aquascutum, and became the world’s most sought after, classic piece! Since then, designers have tried to reinvent it, nip it and tuck it on every runway show for the past 60 years. Yet fans still prefer the original design, which is typically, double breasted, tan, shoulder strapped and belted. A lady in a classic Burberry trench, can have the same poise and attitude, as a girl who puts her own spin on a knock-off, with trainers or flats. Cheap or expensive, brand or not – a well sewed simple trench coat is a winning ticket.


A luxury time piece is synonymous with accomplishment and success! Only the best timepieces increase in value. A Rolex is a great investment simply because people care about Rolexes. Brands like Rolex, Cartier and Patek Phillipe have been selling versions of the same watch families, for decades. These products have the benefit of years of demand, therefore attract much better resale values. No matter your budget, choose a watch, that you are attracted to visually, functionally, or because of it’s history, as the style will reflect your taste. In other words, buy a good watch for an emotional reason. Get value for money, by investing in a watch from a brand that is widely known, and a model that has been around for a long time, as it will have far more status, longevity and is less likely to need maintenance.

What will you be investing in?

Edited By: Yvonne Jane Lorraine

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  1. 10 fantastic investments all makes sense, hope to see more from this young lady x

    • Thank you Msbell for taking the time out to comment, your feedback is very much appreciated! Comments such as yours gives me the motivation I need to contribute even more amazing pieces to the BCG site. Please contact for personal styling consultations/enquiries! Vanessa

  2. Gerena G. says:

    Great Post! definitely need to check a few things off my list and get the others!

    • Gerena i am glad you enjoyed the post and more importantly i hope the piece will help you to make informed decisions where investment pieces are concerned. Please continue supporting the BCG brand. Vanessa

  3. wow all that …..impressive yes but don’t have the cash to afford all that
    ..but one day i definitely will

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