Coffee Break: Is it Time to Quit Wearing the Hair Weave?

Let’s continue the debate

Everyone and their mama has a hair weave!  It seems the majority of black women prefer wearing extensions to their own hair. Not content with natural looking weaves, some black women are now sewing in hair that is so long, it looks faker than a $3 dollar bill! On top of that, women are dying their extensions in all the colors of the rainbow. Believe it or not, 10 years ago weaves were taboo – anyone who opted for one was accused of “selling out”. Now natural hair is the last thing young trendy women want on their head.

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Why are weaves so popular nowadays?        

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  1. Toni G. says:

    I am and always have been a Solange type of woman. I straighten my hair every once in a while, however given our society and the way long “good” hair has been viewed weave is still popular. Also, it is an interesting protective style. Many of my natural friends get sew-ins to avoid the heat but also to have a protective style. In the end people are trying to even look less natural like Beyonce with the weave and more like Nicki Minaj. Once it is more accepted with celebs and influential people, natural hair will make a rise. The good hair debate is your issue, not just the weave debate 😦

  2. Awesome Toni! Thanks for your comment. You’ve made a great point about celebs. There is an ideal that is pushed into the black community & it’s becoming more & more caricature like. Many black women are rejuvenating their hair by going natural. It’s really inspiring. But I love the look of long straight hair. In fact millions of us never reveal our real hair – admittedly not a good look – so I’m always wondering how I & other women can overcome our reliance on extensions to embrace our natural hair.

  3. Neither, I am a fan of looking fab from head to toe. If its rocking your own tresses short long straight wavy natural coloured whatever! Hair is fun!

  4. Gerena G. says:

    I love my weaves! I am not gonna lie. However, I do use them for protective styling during the winter months more than anytime throughout the year. I am an advocate of natural looking weaves if you are a weave wearer. I do love solange’s look but beyonce has pulled off the weave wearing and rocking her own hair well enough for me to appreciate it a bit more. As a relaxed girl weaves come in quite handy even if you go longer than your hair length lets keep it cute ladies!

  5. Alicia & Gerena, thanks for your input, it’s great to get feedback as I feel like there is a weave saturation now, lol. They do look more glamorous, I agree, but it’s also important for our own hair to breathe & be in good condition. But that’s not always the case, as some of us are dependant on weaves & this causes our hair to suffer unduly. If I’m honest, I know my hair would be way thicker if I didn’t constantly weave it.

  6. Protective style and maintenance! As an authentic, true natural (never had a perm, relaxer, dye, texturizer–nothing! hair so virgin they should sell it! 😉 ) it’s hard maintaining these tightly coiled curls!! From combing to daily styling natural black hair can be a challenge! I get the most growth when it is up in a good sew-in for 8-12 weeks, a 4 week “breather” (wearing my hair natural with daily conditioning and gentle styling) and up in a sew-in for another 8-12 weeks. My hair has never been this long and pretty! Years of constant cornrows and braids did significant damage, and it feels good to have strong shoulder length hair again!

  7. Glodie Ellis says:

    I’ve been reading so much lately about natural hair vs relaxed vs weave, as I’ve decided to go natural. My hair has been relaxed and in weave for as long as I can remember, I’m now 25years of age.

    For me weaves is fun, and just how there is different coloured lipstick to suit your mood or outfit or event, having a weave was a way for me to change my look.

    Not to say my hair was suffering. I have shoulder length thick hair and often people will say “you have god hair why do you wear weave?”

    Three months into my transition period, I’m beginning to realise natural hair is hard work and time consuming. My hair in its natural state is really coily and kinky which takes forever to detangle and wash compared to when I had it relaxed. I’m now dealing with two different hair textures which doesn’t help.

    I’m also very lazy when it comes to hair, I can’t cornrow or flat twist to save my life so all these new skills I’m having to learn. Unlike a weave where someone else does the hard work for ya (unless you do your weave yourself).

    So for me and I think a lot of women can relate having a weave is less demanding on maintainance; its the easiest, quickest solution.

  8. I wore hair weaves in the 90’s and I’m so glad I gave up wearing them. It was probably because the girl who did my weaves (in her didn’t have any knowledge about hair. She would just relax my hair then put the weave in. Nothing else. After awhile I got thinking there has to be more that I need to be doing to take care of my own hair. And I was right.

    Luckily, I stopped getting weaves just in time. I went to a hair dresser and she informed me that my hair was so damaged that I couldn’t get a relaxer. I had 3 bald spots on the top of my head and hadn’t realized it! But I learned that you must give your own conditioning treatments. Strengthening and moisturizing. Daily moisturizing and maintenance is a must. The hair discussion boards online were lifesavers. Just goggle ‘relaxed hair care’ or ‘relaxed hair care discussion boards,’ you will receive/read valuable information and hair care tips.

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