Relationships: 4 Reasons Why Men Prefer Women Who Look Hot

It is true to say that, when a man is searching for a wife he will prioritize a great personality over striking beauty. However, this does not mean he will settle for a woman who fails to measure up in the looks department. To the contrary, a man still cares immensely about how you look!

Having a gorgeous face and figure is like icing on the cake for him. By no means does he expect you to look perfect, but he definitely needs to be physically attracted to you. After all, his physical attraction is sexual and it is the ONLY thing that will spur him to make that first move. So what happens when you meet a guy (I’m talking one who ticks ALL of your boxes) and you want him to spot you in a room full of babes?

Just be yourself

Firstly, every man has a preference for the type of woman he likes. That said, his initial attraction to you has little to do with how perfect you look and everything to do with your general presentation. He is sure to examine your hair, make up and nails. When he speaks to you, he’ll observe your body language, listen to what you say, take note of your accent, smell your scent and watch the way you carry yourself. Only then can he contemplate whether you fall into the “serious” category or not. A man does not need to see you umpteen times to make a decision either way.

Being unhealthy is miserable

Following this, he will quickly scan your figure (it doesn’t matter how well you dress) if you’re carrying a couple of extra tyres around your waist, while he is sporting a perfectly chiselled 6 pack – he will not bother taking it further! Thankfully men are simple creatures, so when your curves are in the right place it will arouse him and send a subconscious message to his brain that you are good for mating.

Bring your A Game

Unfortunately there is no magic pill or secret formula for getting toned and looking good. It’s a choice that enables us to get the best out of life (including the best health, men, jobs, clothes, the list is endless). A strict exercise regime and healthy diet are the only methods guaranteed to get us in tip top shape and maintain our physique on a long term basis. Good nutrition makes the skin glow as well as keeping our appearance youthful.

The benefits of looking after your appearance are worth it. Here are 4 reasons why

1. You will feel more confident

When you’re groomed and have a great figure you will naturally be more upbeat. What’s more, plenty of men will make advances and you can flirt (to your heart’s content) safe in the knowledge that he won’t hesitate to find you appealing!

(However hard it is to admit) it’s logical to presume that we can be far more effective in our career and social life when we look our best. So if you are asked to represent your absent boss at a meeting or you receive a last minute invitation to a friend’s party, the habit of looking after your appearance will allow you to make a real impact.

2. You will have more control over your image 

Imagine being able to choose clothes, make-up and hairstyles on the merits of what truly flatters you, rather than making decisions based on your need to conceal bits of your body you are ashamed of. When you’re in shape, you can wear almost anything you desire, plus your body language will be more inviting and assertive. You will also have more energy to engage in a life full of activities. And for this reason your aura will be so pleasant to be around.

3. You will feel more optimistic

When we are unhappy with our weight we spend a huge portion of our time dwelling on it instead of concentrating on other aspects of our lives that really matter. At other times, our weight will get us down to such an extent that it clouds our judgement and hinders us from striving for our goals. Meanwhile we start on a downward spiral through negative self talk which dramatically limits our ambitions and destroys our self esteem. When you feel good about your weight you can focus on the areas of your life that will make a difference to your future without any obstacles.

4. You will be healthier

It goes without saying that your well being far outweighs looking good. Beauty is only skin deep yet preserving your inner health has far reaching consequences. Decades can be added or wiped off your lifetime according to your well being. When we are healthy our body functions more effectively, we recover and heal quicker from illnesses, we have a higher metabolic rate which means we burn fat quicker, and we have more energy and feel stronger throughout the day.

Is a woman’s appearance important in a long term relationship?

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  1. You’ve hit the nail on the nails… Figure it out!
    It’s all about the confidence you carry. Any guy can find a pretty to show off. To keep our attention you need to show us that inner strength. I often tell women there’s a difference between “pretty” & “SEXY”. I’ll take sexy any day of the week!
    Which are you???

  2. Ohhh that’s harsh Duane…but hey you’re a guy, so it’s interesting to gain your perspective. A great personality should never come at the expense of our health or ability to look after ourselves. Some women do take this to an extreme, others coast on a good personality, becoming lazy once they settle in a relationship. While there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable, gaining weight, ageing or considering this message to be frivolous, it still doesn’t negate the fact that adopting good & consistent health, fitness, grooming habits will furnish us with the best of everything in life.

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