Fashion: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Shopping Spree


If you only had the clothes on your back left in your possession, would you still value yourself in the same way? During a lifetime, the average woman will own literally thousands of material things, yet all of us are born naked with nothing but the skin on our backs. The significance of this is profound because it means we are valuable enough as we are. If this weren’t the case, surely we would have been born, kitted out in Prada, Chanel plus a spanking new iPhone in tow.

With a couple of impressionable nieces in my own family, at 5 and 12 years old, I’ve witnessed, firsthand how they have already begun to depend on external factors to determine how good they feel about themselves. This means they gage their self worth against the status quo, (what everyone else is doing) and what the media instructs them to buy in order to be accepted by their peers.

If we are perfect creations to begin with, at which stage do we feel the need to become fashion conscious?

Judging by the size of the fashion industry, and all of it’s related services, including stores, adverts, blogs, TV shows, fashion networks, and online games; from infancy right through to adulthood, an enormous part of a woman’s self esteem is dictated by the quantity of fashionable things she owns. We enjoy the approval from other women, we lap up the attention from men, but ironically we tell everyone else, that we’re dressing for ourselves? Undoubtedly, wearing the right clothes can boost self confidence for days – but does this feeling last?

Focusing on our image isn’t a crime, but obsessing over what we look like often comes at the expense of other priorities in our lives. We pour over magazines (for hours) we spend (i.e waste) time window shopping, then continue the hunt online – I agree shopping is therapeutic, I’m a big fan myself, but my philosophy has evolved over the years; these days I believe:

 “There are times when I need to invest in my health, my finances, my family, my studies, my future, my choices, my career, my attitude, my mindset, my relationships, instead of buying material things, as those items will not fulfil me on a long-term basis.”

I remind myself of this practically everyday because I have a huge appetite for fashion. Don’t forget, one of the explicit reasons many of us remain broke, is because we cannot delay instant gratification to prioritize and save towards our goals! Nothing can be achieved to a high standard without investment – period. So if we’re spending all of our resources on material things, there is little wonder we find it difficult to make any progress in other areas of our lives. If you have sacrificed basic necessities such as food, travel, been late with your rent, used a maxed out credit card, asked someone to lend you money in order to make a purchase that you couldn’t quite afford upfront, it may interest you to consider that:

There is a whole industry of experts and psychologists dedicated to convincing you to buy luxury goods. These companies advertise their products as the only solution to make you feel good.

The greatest things in life aren't things

It’s not advisable to venture out looking like a hot mess! You should make an effort. In fact BLACKCITYGIRL plans on dishing out some of the best fashion tips available. Nonetheless, what happens when the initial high of your “gorgeous” new purchase fades, and you are forced to face reality – but this time $500.00 poorer?

Here are 4 candid questions that might help you gain clarity, before you embark on your next shopping binge:

  1. Do I need this item to feel attractive and confident?
  2. Will my real friends admire me more?
  3. Will men think I have more sex appeal?
  4. Will wearing these items add to my success?  

The truth is, we really are beautiful just as we are. Step by step, we can all begin to make choices that will reward us with long lasting, inner happiness. By doing this, we will upgrade our careers, finances, characters, and relationships in ways we cannot even fathom until we try.

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Who can admit they are a slave to fashion (just a little bit)?

What tips can you give us to curb over spending?

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  1. Jwondalubandi says:

    I lyk dis

  2. Thanks to you & the bloggers for stopping by. There’s nothing worse than delaying our destiny & substituting a life of meaning for items that are often meaningless (esp when they’re out of season). Shopping is a great outlet, it’s definitely not the enemy, but it’s all about striking a balance & evaluating what matters to us (our priorities) in the long-term.

    My sister always says, “Show me a person’s bank statement & I’ll show you where their heart is” & nothing could be more accurate. What we choose to spend our money on today, will define our lives in a few years time. If we don’t weigh this up & give it full consideration, we’re likely to end up in the consumerism trap by default; looking hot in the latest trends, with nothing to show for our lives but the clothes on our back.

  3. Simisola says:

    Truth and nothing but the truth!………really inspiring.

  4. Thank you Simisola! For reading this and your feedback.

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