Entertainment: 5 Types of Men to Avoid: Part 2

*Warning: If you are easily offended please don’t read on.

Hopefully you have absorbed 5 Types of Men to Avoid: Part 1 if so, here is the remainder of our blacklist. These guys are arguably more scandalous than the previous bunch. One word of caution is to avoid these groups, like the plague! They’ll bring untold stress, headache, drama, baggage, even boredom into your life, that you just don’t need.

He takes himself way too seriously

Mr Geek

This man will take you on a date, then talk for hours, on the most pointless subjects! Like the inner workings of the solar system *yawn* in fact he gets a kick out of sharing his “knowledge”. He can’t walk more than a few meters without reeling off the history of your surroundings. He reads encyclopedias not books. He can never just give you a straight yes or no answer. Everything he utters leads to a loooong soliloquy. Your friends meet him and ask: “Is he alright in the head?” The saddest thing is, he knows the Pythagoras equation (back to front), but he’ll never remember when you first met. And he actually thinks you’ll fall in love with his intellect alone.

BCG brokeHe never has a legitimate income

Mr Loser

This man is always talking about tomorrow! He chats at length about doing something but it’s never done now. It’s the same story every time – he’s about to get a job, about to call you, about to follow through on his promises, blah, blah, blah. He has no shame in asking you for money. He chants (like a broken record) about how great he used to be. Tell me something – why do losers always ask us to have their babies? Inquire about the future and he will tell you that: “The future will take care of itself”. If you’re not careful, he will start relying on you so much that you’ll turn into a mini version of his mom.

BCG andre 3000He trys too hard to impress

Mr Cool

This man is a complete show off! If you’ve been somewhere hip, he’ll tell you he was there 2 years ago. He only goes to the right venues and associates with the right crowd, while wearing the right clothes, on top of that, he lives in the right area. He derives his worth from being seen. It’s clear he barely knows the people he hangs with, but he still insists that they’re best friends. He adores his own reflection, more than adoring you. Although he acts cool when you get to know him you’ll find he’s just a lonely individual in desperate need of validation.

He will keep tabs on you at all times

Mr Controller

This man is jealous and possessive! He doesn’t hesitate to criticize what you like, what you wear, what you think (jeez). The bottom line is, he hates you having your own mind. He acts like Hitler telling you what to do and how to do it. He’ll ridicule you if you dare challenge him. He will do whatever it takes to cut you off from your friends and family. He meets you one way then expects you to change according to his demands. He will withdraw other forms of love like affection, money, compliments to make you break. Dump him! Before the relationship turns violent.

pervHe sees you as a sex object

Mr Pervert

This man spends more time jerking off to sex online than connecting with real women! He lives in denial about his hardcore addiction, although you’ll find, he talks to your breasts more than he talks to you. Leering at porn is his second nature. When you quiz him about it, he’ll proudly announce “everyone watches it”. Yet it puzzles him why he can’t hold down a long term relationship. His lustful habits have relegated his intimacy skills to that of a r-e-ally bad actor – wooden. You see, he kisses women like they’re blow-up dolls and he expects you to enjoy it…know why? Because that’s what he’s seen in the movies. You can always spot him on Facebook, as he’s the guy that “Likes” all the seedy pages, but beware, if you have any sexy pics to view, he’ll be downloading those onto his laptop too.

Have you fallen in love with any of this types of guys?

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Read part 1 here: 5 Types of Men to Avoid: Part 1

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  1. Wow, all I can say is WOW! I can not argue in defense of these “men” here. Yes, these are avoidable men. Putting my spin on it; what would draw you to these men? Obviously these guys are dating so there had to be an initial attraction… IJS

    Now that we’ve seen your recommendation on MEN to avoid; let’s see/hear your list of MEN to DATE! I’m interested to see the type of men that will be listed

  2. LOL! Duane you make me laugh. Love your comment. Well there is one type I left off this list, aka “The Deadbeat Dad” but he requires a whole post to himself! Whatever attracts us usually glitters on the outside. It could be looks or money nevertheless, in the end, the guy disappoints with a bad attitude.

    Indeed these types do get dates because it’s impossible to assess someone’s overall personality in just a few meetings; hopefully some of the catchphrases & characteristics in part 1 & 2 will help women recognize these types sooner, so they can make a quick exit.

    You know, I haven’t thought about doing a list of “men to date” because it’s so personal. However there are many traits a good man has that BCG is yet to cover.

  3. The thing is all these guys listed on both articles are the ones being chased by women! Women know these guys are not good for Them but still accept to be in relationships. I am with Duane I would like to see a list of guys we should be dating, maybe they are going to be manufactured by a special company lol

  4. this is so funny i want to see more of these entertainment you go blackcitygirl! wooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I reckon their charm and constant affection and attention in the beginning gets our ladies interested. They come across as a really great guy at first……and then…you start seeing the traits. Especially Mr Controller. Aaaaah. they are masters at disguising themselves. Hence why the problem of domestic violence continues….thanks BCG. But ladies we have to play our part as well. Why do we like these kinda guys? Maybe because “Mr Decent” seems too boring? Hmmmm.

  6. Thank you for your support & input ladies! Joelle, Vivien, you have made some great points & I agree. Mr Decent maybe boring at first but I’d take him over any of these.

  7. awesome post bcg but we always get these posts on men would love to see a post about the kind of women to avoid

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