Entertainment: 5 Types of Men to Avoid: Part 1

*Warning: If you get offended easily please don’t read on.

Dating any man should be a memorable experience (in more ways than 1) but every so often we can run into a complete dud. You know the type, you would never commit to in a million years! If you have – let’s hope he’s worth it. My girlfriends and I were sharing our experiences the other day and after many belly laughs we came up with 10 types altogether. Here are 5 to get you giggling. Do you recognize any of them?

Mr ArrogantHe loves himself

Mr Arrogant

This man’s ego is out of control! He never asks any questions about you. He just rambles on about himself  – errr, as if we’re interested. He loves flirting with other women infront of you, yet he’ll get offended if you even glance at another man. He believes that no one knows anything better than he does. He bitches about his friends and co-workers behind their backs, then laughs and jokes with them to their face. His delusions of grandeur even extend to his family. He has no patience for them and speaks to them anyhow. When you scratch the surface you’ll find that he is just an insecure boy  a man with major childhood issues.

He suffers from amnesia

Mr Coconut

This man woke up one day and forgot he was black! You see, he grew up amongst Caucasians and this has somehow damaged his psyche ever since. He has what can only be described as an eclectic dress sense. He only listens to alternative music. He refuses to mingle with other blacks lest people think he has something in common with them. He hates admitting where he’s from. He would never date a black woman even though he secretly fancies them. If he does date black, then count yourself “lucky” as you are definitely an exception.

He's all about keeping up appearances

Mr Super Spiritual

This man is as self-righteous as they come! He has no chat up lines beyond quoting scriptures. He uses his Biblical knowledge to try and impress you, even though it’s obvious that he just needs to get a personality. He’ll tell you (with a straight face) that God sent him a vision about you being his future wife. He cares more about being seen to act holy than actually being holy. He will preach from here to kingdom come then sneak into the nightclub on Saturdays while yelling in the loudest tongues on Sundays.

He expects you to look good on his arm

Mr Tight

This man will ask you out and expect you to pay! When you raise the issue, he’ll accuse you of gold digging. He’ll uncover the bill so you can see it, then preach on and on about how much he’s spending. He wants the whole world to know how big his salary is, yet you never see a dime. He’ll forget to give you a Christmas present on Christmas day (that would be too much of a stretch) so he’ll wait for the sale instead. He’s always looking to cut costs when it comes to you, but he’ll happily blow his bonus in Louis Vuitton and Prada. If you live with him, I suggest you open a savings account, otherwise you’ll be reduced to begging.

His views are ingrained

Mr Male Chauvinist

This man believes the whole world revolves around him! He genuinely thinks women are inferior. According to him, we are only here to serve men. Not only that, he firmly believes women are made for his sexual pleasure, oh, and to pick up after him. He’s never wrong (no) it’s always the woman’s fault. Even when a woman does pamper him, he never respects her contribution. He hangs out with his boys more than spending time with her. His mantra is that, the woman’s place is in the kitchen and bedroom.

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Have you dated any of these types of guys?


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5 Types of Men to Avoid: Part 2

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  1. LOL! I love this post. My favorite man to hate is the Mr. Spiritual. He’ll come around and tell you how your life is a good sin, but try to sleep with you a couple hours later. He’ll tell you that the Lord wants us to be married instead of playing house, but has been divorced twice. He’ll speak scriptures on Sunday after tweeting for our support of his gangster rap friends. Ugh… such a hypocrite.


  2. Awww, Ms Whitney Jones, thank you so much, I’m so glad you appreciate it! Honestly, it’s great to hear from and share with women (like yourself) who read this blog and have met these types of men! At times it can feel as if you’re the only person going through these things. Well, no you’re not! And you’re not strange for attracting them either, as it happens to all of us. Lol! At your experience, there are plenty of religious hypocrites roaming around…my advice would be to avoid them at all costs.

  3. marittss@hotmail.co.uk says:

    Dear Blackcitygirl loved all above regards to types of names to the kind of men out there in the world Marita

  4. Marita! Thank you for your comment, I’m so happy you liked it! Make sure to pass by again. We can lose a lot of sleep, years, youth investing in these types, it’s not worth it as every moment we’re wasting time with them, we could be happily single & developing ourselves or with a man who deserves our time and treats us well.

  5. The saying nice guys finish last is a true statement in relation to this blog. You tell women to watch out for these men while dating; yet these are the men women are attracted to…
    Help me understand this phenomenon???
    Signed a Nice Guy!

  6. LOL! Duane love your opinions, both on here and Twitter! I guess this blog bucks the trend, nice guys can finish 1st if women have their priorities straight. I don’t think women should neglect security and a man’s potential to provide when considering a long term partner, but we shouldn’t overlook the inner qualities of a man either.

  7. nanah akuah pokuah papabi says:

    Wow this is really true,these types of men are all funny esp. the male chauvinist. good work….. keep it up

  8. nanah akuah pokuah papabi says:

    Wow this is really true,these types of men are all funny esp. the male chauvinist. good work…. keep it up

  9. Ive actually found a part of me in each of these types, though just slightly, yet still dem women cant leave me alone. Hows that possible. I think id be ashamed to fully act like either of them types.

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