Editor’s Note: 8 Weird and Wonderful Facts About Me!

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BCGI haven’t checked in with you for over a month tut tut and I realize a proper introduction is long overdue! Firstly, I’ve met thousands of beautiful black women on Twitter, Facebook and on the city streets, in the past few weeks. I may not have spoken to you directly, but I make it my duty to remember your names, faces plus I love reading your comments. I’m sure you’ve already carved out your own opinion of me through social media which I can only imagine veers towards the “sensible goody-two shoes” type of girl who magically pops out of nowhere to robotically tweet and post on positive stuff everyday boring, or perhaps you find my special cocktail of motivation and wisdom rather intense! Well in reality…

1. I’m human and I’ve made mistakes!

It’s true, I’ am extremely optimistic, but behind the wholesome image, I’m a fully fledged human being. Just like you, I have good days, bad days, I go through periods when I can’t be bothered, when everything just seems to go wrong, followed by euphoric episodes, when I’m on a perpetual high. I shout and scream to the high heavens (mostly out of frustration) yet I get overwhelmed with happiness, when life is going well.

However if you’re expecting me to be a typical black girl, you’ll be sorely disappointed (sorry ladies) my upbringing was less than conventional. Whenever I reveal how I grew up, most people look at me in amazement, and say: “You’re joking right?” as if it’s something out of a spoof! But no matter how much I play it down, I can’t change who I ’am. I’ve had a colorful past and I’ve definitely done things that would make your eyebrows raise. Nonetheless, I can safely say, anyone who has come into contact with me, knows that I’m a good person, and I root for others. I’m just one of those girls that is…well…nice, but I’ve learned to have a steely core because niceness is often taken for weakness. Aside from that I have never appreciated my identity the way I do now.

2. I love hot guys!

Male modelMale eye candy makes me 🙂 well that’s kinda obvious since I have it plastered all over this blog, I just can’t help myself. Yes, it’s shallow. I’m the type to walk down the sidewalk craning my neck just to gawk at the boys, hey a girl is allowed to have 1 vice right? I’ve been accused of behaving like a hormonal teenager in the past and many an ex has grown a complex around me, LOL. But the real question is, would I date the eye candy, probably not – it’s like dating the hired help, handy in the right areas but hardly entertaining, well unless he meets my other criteria and the chances of that happening are pretty slim, so I keep it to the occasional drool and discreet open mouthed stare, but make no mistake, charm, kindness and intellect are waaaay more irresistible in my eyes.

3. I love shopping!

walk in closetI used to have a major clothes fetish…o.k, I still have a major clothes fetish. Put it this way if I got paid to shop all day, I would happily give up my day job. The fact is, from an early age, I was exposed to the finer things and boy did I get excited, at one point my expensive shopping jaunts threatened to spiral out of control, and I had to go cold turkey for a whole year, just to reel in my wayward spending habits. These days I’m surprisingly level headed and down to Earth about my style, the bottom line is, I no longer have anything to prove, I know the clothes on my back don’t define me – my personality does, so as long as I look good in the mirror, I’m quite happy to be seen in something cheap and cheerful.

4. I’m a cool geek!

Cool GeekAsk me to describe myself in 3 words I’d say:

  • A geek
  • Trendy
  • Christian

This has presented a real conflict in my past friendships; talk about being misunderstood…jeez. I was never deep enough for my intellectual friends, I was too deep for my cooler friends. I’ve been labelled superficial by the geeks and weird by the trendiest (confused yet?). Upon reflection, I now realize that I was just never accepted for the unique combination that I am. It’s perfectly acceptable to embrace your brains and make the best of yourself at the same time. I wouldn’t expect anyone to be like me but this is the code I live by. At the end of the day how intelligent, kind, good natured, selfish, self absorbed we are really depends on our actions and the fruits of what we do and say, this is why I refuse to defend myself anymore, instead I just let my character do the talking. As they say:

   “Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect!”

5. I’m passionate!

passionateI’ve been through many phases in my life. I became a self-styled sport fanatic for a while and I was so engrossed in it, that I learned the smallest details about teams, tactics, sport’s personalities, rules, regulations, paychecks, venues, coaches better than any man I know. Then I became a book fanatic, then a film fanatic, are you recognizing a pattern here? Whatever I do I become a serious fanatic. I only really embraced my domestic side a couple of years ago when my film obsession turned into a cooking fixation. Some may call it OCD but I call it passion, indeed whatever I throw myself into, I throw all my weight behind it. These days, I’m most passionate about people.

6. My best friend is Japanese!

japanese best friendI met her at school at the tender age of 11, in hindsight we were the most unlikely friends, I mean, she could barely speak English and I could barely speak, period – I was that shy! However it didn’t take long for us to gel.

*violin music*

We hung out at weekends, we ate our 1st Big Mac together (when burgers actually had beef in them) and we soon discovered that make-up was the quickest way to transform ourselves from wall flowers to the most wanted chicks in the mall. Even though we are poles apart physically, we remain exactly the same spiritually. Up until last year, I always equated a BFF as the girlfriend you interact with most, until I suddenly grasped that even though I don’t see her often, in my heart she is a sister from another mother, by no means has our friendship been perfect, we’ve lost touch, reconnected and we don’t speak every week, but through it all, she remains my biggest champion and I am hers, she gives me unadulterated support, oh and she’s just about taught me everything I know about style (as she has the most exquisite taste). Isn’t that what best friends are for?

7. I’m a quintessential BLACKCITYGIRL!

yloI’m a social butterfly who lurves to be out and about! Rather like Carrie from Sex In The City (without the wrinkles – sorry Carrie), I’ve indulged in my fair share of naughtiness, but the difference is, most of the time, I behave like a nun. Many a rich playboy has tried and failed to conquer. I’ve had a compelling love life, so much so, I could easily write a book on the DO’s and DON’T’s of dating. If I haven’t seen it first-hand, I definitely know someone who has. I’m also lucky to have male friends who have taught me a thing or two about the male psyche.

8. And the best of the rest!

fat babyI heart sugar! I was obese until the age of 6 because I used to stuff myself with sugary treats (old habits die hard) and to this day, my guilty pleasures include triple chocolate biscuits and orange juice on a weekly basis.  So I have a 2nd vice, hot guys AND sugar. How do I keep my weight down? Simple, I exercise…regularly.

Believe it or not, my 1st language is not English. 3 guesses what it is? For the first 6 years of my life I spoke, thought, and dreamt in________then I learnt English and forgot my mother tongue within 6 months – crazy!

I’ve worked in:

  • Fashion
  • Journalism
  • Copywriting & Blogging

If there is any single purpose for this blog, it is to be real and to exchange my human side, for yours. The journey has only just begun, I can’t wait for you to read what’s in store in the coming weeks.

Until next time,

God Bless.

I’m a typical city girl! What do I mean by that? Find out here: Why did I start BLACKCITYGIRL

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  1. Yvonne,
    Nice to meet you? 🙂
    This was a wonderful post and a great way to further introduce yourself to us, your readers. You’re actually the first blog I’ve followed and you haven’t disappointed. I find your posts fun and interesting. From this post, I actually feel like I know you (not in a stalker-ish way, though). Is that weird?? LOL. I’m also a blogger and love it so much. Although I’m really busy with clients and other side jobs, blogging is all I can think about. You should see my notebook with all my ideas for posts. So, from another fellow blogger, good luck, great job, and nice to meet you! 🙂


  2. Whitney 🙂 from Twitter! Firstly I went to have a look at your blog and love it, you’re doing a great job! I can’t wait to see more of your work in the future. Thank you so much for your message and encouragement! I’m so glad you enjoy this blog as a whole, I do my best to ensure articles are entertaining yet worthwhile. I’m learning quickly that blogging really is about love, passion and commitment. The best thing about this journey so far has been meeting likeminded women like yourself. I find it amazing how like attracts like. Nice to meet you too Ms Jones!

  3. . I must say it’s a pleasure reading your profile , it actually open up my mind as to who “I am” and the passion that is inside of me to blog, things I like to write about but don’t have the guts to think I will ever be good at it! All I’m saying is that you are my inspiration.

  4. Julian, thank you, I’m grateful that you’re inspired! What makes your feedback sweeter is that you are a fellow blogger. And if you’re thinking about it constantly…definitely do it! #MyMotto

  5. Rachelle says:

    You’re the bomb girl. (Do people still use “bomb”?) Anywho, I enjoy you very much. Keep up the great work.


  6. Rachelle! Thank you for taking the time to read & enjoy this blog. You’re very sweet, lol @ da bomb, yep that saying is a classic! Nothing makes me happier than hearing from women like yourself. Please tell your friends & fam to pass by! Have a great week.

  7. BlackCityGal Honestly am inspired by all your Blogs. Am starting mine 2014 I have thought about it so much so next year is my year. You have been such an inspiration to me much Love. Thanks for this.

  8. Well Well Well! I love me a confident gaal an a Black Gaal is even better! (not racist hehehhe)
    Your blog is ‘something else’!! And I must say I am inspired by what you have accomplished so far with so little and feel even more confident to build my own Writer/Editor Career. I am new to WordPress; let’s see how that goes 😉

    Please keep keeping! Your work is an inspiration to many!

  9. Puff Dags I’m so happy to hear that. Thanks for your kind words! Catch up on our NowORNever challenge posts here >> https://blackcitygirl.com/2014/01/28/success-nowornever-challenge-january-2014/ for a step by step guide towards your goals. And Pamela I read both of your comments. I appreciate you reading this blog. You are spot on!! Lol. I’m going to check out your blog shortly. Perhaps we can connect via email. Ours is: contactus@blackcitygirl.com

  10. You’re amazing! mwah!

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