Success: 5 Steps to Achieve your Toughest Goals and Maintain Them

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Set your mind to achieve the impossible

Can you think of a goal that drives you crazy – like totally crazy? You know the type that no matter how many times you persist, you still can’t seem to pull it off! How incredible would it feel to overcome it for the first time?

The sense of feeling utterly fed up is a great way to kickstart change in our lives. Whether we are fed up with our job, income, weight or bad habits, thank goodness there is a formula that actually works.

Full of enthusiasm on the first day

Many of us get excited when we begin the journey towards an objective (say on New Year’s day) but we soon give up afterwards. The main reason we don’t follow through is because deep down, we fear failure. If we were 100% certain the outcome would be a success, we would ALL pursue our goals. However on a subconscious level, we simply don’t believe the goal is achievable.

I have coined this 5 step programme my Holy Grail of Change’ as these steps have completely transformed my life:


Have absolute faith

Before any long-term goal is fulfilled, you must first visualize it and write it down (keep it safe and read it as often as possible). Dreams that aren’t written down end up as just that – dreams. The test is to discover a way to replace doubt with unwavering confidence. You have to be convinced that you will succeed against the odds. I have found that conditioning my mind to focus on the success of accomplishing a goal is a fantastic way to confront any challenge.

  Ensure your pay-offs are worth looking at

The best way to train the mind is to repeatedly look at the pay-offs you will gain from achieving your aim, as well as imagining how awesome you will feel. Practicing this habit will remind you why you are pursuing your goal plus keep you motivated. If you’re losing weight, keep a photo of a fab dress you’d love to fit into, or if you’re saving for a house, store  images of a similar house on your phone or laptop.

You will find joining online communities, and building relationships with people who are on the same path extremely handy. In tandem, watching and reading relevant material on a daily basis will reinforce your goals. It sounds easy, but don’t forget, temptation is never far away! So take a look at your pay-offs every single day in order to curb any distractions.

Taking action combats fear


Start your journey

Countless women make excuses about their inability to achieve a goal without taking any initiative whatsoever. We may desire to lose weight but if we don’t bother to find out where our local gym is, how can we achieve anything?

At other times, we magnify our flaws to such an extent that we actually talk ourselves out of taking action. But rather than focusing on our perceived shortcomings, it’s best to make an enquiry into how we can start.

Rome was not built in a day. Massive goals are achieved one baby step at a time. The only way to combat your doubt is through ACTION. And every time you complete one step, celebrate it as you deserve it!

Commit to your goals to the end


Draw up a plan of action

Assembling a plan that tracks your progress (step by step) is the best way forward because following an organized schedule will eliminate choice. If you are losing weight it’s sensible to stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan or if you are saving money, it’s wise to write down exactly how much cash you will need per day and keep tabs on extra costs. Be realistic and give yourself a sensible target to reach. Remember everyone’s journey is different. Your challenge will feel less daunting once you have divided your journey into a weekly operation.

Preparation is everything


Set your plan into motion and evaluate it

Acting out a set of positive habits will bring you closer to your goals. If you have a gym class on Tuesday and Thursday, ensure your schedule is free or if you are saving money, transfer funds into an account that you can’t touch. Adhere to your plan and evaluate it to assess how well you are performing at regular intervals. Always make changes when your plan fails to meet your expectations.


Your results will reinforce your faith

Your consistent efforts will gradually bear results. And this is the exciting part: imagine how fantastic you will feel when you see how far you have come! It will fuel your enthusiasm to keep moving forward.

What are the long term benefits of using this 5 step programme?

This programme is self fulfilling. Its beauty lies in its simplicity because when you reach the 5th step you will automatically go back to the 1st step and repeat the process all over again until you reach your goals.

Your success with – what I call – my ‘Holy Grail of Change’ largely depends on your personal commitment and desire to pursue your goals now. It isn’t rocket science, but it works! In fact I used these 5 steps to build and write this blog.  If I can do it, you can too.

What challenges have you overcome in the past and how did you do it?

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  1. Great post! I am one that have trouble with sticking to goals. I always find a way to do something different that what I initially wanted to do, but I call it “altering my plan” and it makes me feel for a while. I’ll definitely keep these 5 steps in mind. I’ve already written down my goals and have the faith. So, now I’m working on staying on track!


  2. Thank you Whitney! Great to see you on this blog. That’s good to hear! I’m pretty sure many of us have had some problems overcoming particular goals and sticking to our original plans – I know I have, but this system has not only worked for me, it has been life changing plus it’s so flexible as well.

  3. carol sally says:

    Thanks. All this steps are what I badly needed.

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