Relationships: 5 Ways to Become the Woman He Never Forgets

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It’s comforting to know that a woman need not look like a supermodel to grab a man’s attention. Contrary to this, when he is searching for commitment a woman’s outer appearance takes a back seat. In that case, what happens when you meet a guy (I’m talking one who ticks ALL of your boxes) and you wish to captivate him?

The only logical solution is to intoxicate him with your charisma. You have to leave him thinking: WOW. Only then will he find it hard to resist you. Otherwise, what is to stop him falling madly in lust with someone else?

From the outset, a man will automatically place a woman he fancies into 1 of 2 categories:

Category 1: The Casual Girl: A woman he uses for sex with no strings. If the situation evolves into  a “relationship” he will drop lyrics like “I do take you seriously” and “I do want this to work” when in fact the “relationship” has zero prospects.

Category 2: The Potential Wife: His dream woman. A man will court this woman properly and treat her with the upmost respect as his sole purpose is to marry her. It won’t be long before his actions provide little clues about his intentions.

A great personality keeps a relationship alive

It’s worth mentioning that men are visual creatures (they make it their duty to to ogle) therefore first impressions do count. However, one of the most effective ways to motivate a good man to view you as a potential wife – and future mother of his children – is to cultivate a GREAT personality.

If a man is going to have you around forever he needs to be sure that:

  • You share common interests
  • He can confide in you
  • You can understand him
  • You can have meaningful conversations and stimulate his intellect
  • You can get on with his buddies
  • He can introduce you to his work colleagues and family

Here are 5 guaranteed methods to help you achieve a GREAT personality

1. Discover your passions

Most of us are naturally drawn to certain activities. Whether they are casual hobbies or lifetime pursuits, commit to them. Your newfound passion will add another dimension to your personality anytime you spark up a conversation or need to relate to others.

2. Travel

Travel is an invaluable way to invest in yourself and learn about other cultures. A trip to your neighboring city won’t break the bank but will add a great deal to your life experience. As a matter of course,  you will become more open minded and receptive to other races. You will also find that speaking about your travels is a great icebreaker when you meet a potential partner.

3. Come out of your comfort zone

Take a chance – just once – and expose yourself to new pursuits. Watching plays, concerts, attending festivals and taking up a new sport will make you far more lively and interesting to be around.

4. Read

It is the least costly yet the shortest route to enhance your personality and mental agility. A good book will enrich your life, mind, imagination and language skills forever.

Never underestimate the benefits of building your vocabulary – having a wide vocab will:

  • Give you the ability to say precisely what you mean especially in the heat of the moment.
  • Allow you to communicate your feelings while helping you pinpoint his.
  • Boost your feminine powers of persuasion when you’re anxious to get your own way!
  • Help create a good impression on his nearest and dearest.

5. Become approachable

Yes you maybe the hottest chick on the planet but when a man initiates a conversation – it takes guts – so being polite should be second nature (c’mon you know it’s true). The fact he is talking to you is a compliment not a curse.

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  1. Beauty AND Brains…..irresisitible combination. Why do 1 or the other when you can do both! Add humour and personality to the mix and “buoy” you hit a home run with men every time!

  2. I totally agree Vivien. The best thing about beauty is it’s subjective, people have preferences. On the other hand everyone recognizes intellect whether it’s artistic or academic. I believe these 5 methods above go one step further to adding another string to a woman’s bow and help us to stand out from the run of the mill.

  3. barbra namubiru says:


  4. My pleasure Babara, please pass by again!

  5. this will surely help me thnx admin

  6. Find a man pursuing his passion, first make sure he’s not doing “just” for money and then. Push him in deeper, make him work harder at what he loves that whet he thinks is possible. Support and encourage his efforts, take time to learn what he loves to do, educate yourself. Why? Because when the time come and it will for you make sacrifices you will know how much it means to him and then lead your support. We question what we don’t understand and in a man’s mind that can be the same as doubt. Especially when it is the same question repeatedly. Forget about romance and yourself for minute and find a man with passion and conviction for what he loves. Stop trying to be the center of attention and invest time and effort into building a connection deeper than your wants and needs. Encourage and support and then wish him “the best of luck” and let him know that you will be keeping up with his progress. Do this with multiple passionate men. Offer advice and keep the criticism, we often work with fewer resources so we know how to make due with less. The process is slower but more rewarding, than the fast tracks to success. That are so attractive to today’s woman. When he is tired and mentally drained be the source of refreshment and rest for his brain and back. And the see if those men don’t include you in their plans and make time for you. Don’t do anything to help that you do want to do FREELY and without expectations. Find someone who’s goals align with yours strategically instead of having a emotional checklist.

  7. Candice H. says:

    Being that I am a college student I find it hard to date guys. I’m a rising senior and as soon as I enter the “real world” I think it’ll be even harder to find someone. But my generation of young men don’t believe in courting and majority probably don’t even know what the word means let alone it’s definition. This was so helpful to me because I find I can relate to the text. Relationships are tricky but with the right person who deserves my time and efforts I feel anything is possible. Good article. 🙂


  8. Thank you Candice…I hope you pass by again. I think Markeith makes a great point about looking for a man who is pursuing his passion and one who has strong convictions as he is bound to have a strong identity and values. I agree, the guys I’ve come across think a text inviting me out is “courting” it’s a sad situation when effort is using your fingertips to tap a few words into a phone!

    However there are a few men who still have traditional values esp when they meet a woman who has the majority of qualities they are looking for. Making a man see you as long term potential has little to do with looks, if it did, all the supermodels would be married and happy by now. So it has everything to do with your commitment to be a woman of substance, to stand out of a crowd by enhancing your overall package, plus whether your personality gels with his and timing.

  9. What do you do when an individual has heard of your personality and has a preconceived notion of how you act, that is all wrong? Also when you’re a dominant, confident woman, men are often intimidated by that. I appreciate being independent, but how to you keep a relationship stable when you can be just as dominant as the male?

    • If someone has heard unfavorable things about you, hopefully they are wise enough to get to know you for themselves and not simply believe what others have to say about you. A mature man won’t consider these things when trying to get to know you. As far as being as dominant as a male, you have to pick and choose your battles. There are times when a woman should allow the man to be a man and be dominant, not controlling though. There’s a difference. I’ve had issues with being overly dominant and I had to learn when to take a seat.

  10. Fabulousuj says:

    Nice article u’ve got here.

  11. Definitely want to have a good personality that he admire’s. But it all start’s with respect.

  12. i love dix!

  13. Everything on the list CityGirl will improve the quality of a lot of single Black ladies’ lives who are wanting to meet her other half. Not only that, it will give her access to meeting quality men because these places, outdoor festivals, theaters, art events, etc. are where they go looking to meet us!

    I have had to work on the following things:

    1. Finding a creative and satisfying way to make my home more inviting, relaxing and comfortable by adding feminine touches and keeping it clean (not your mother or grandmothers way), but a new age way that incorporates aromatherapy, and magic.
    2. Investing in a cookbook to explore new dishes and honing the art of cooking (it is actually really sensual)
    3. Just enjoying the moment and not worrying (he will come)
    4. Turning negatives into positives…

    All of this, and now i anticipate in the next year (given all of the guys i have met), it will be a matter of choosing which one.

    *One guy i met online said the following things: “It is rare that I meet pleasant, super sexy and sweet girls like you.”

    Black ladies, be kittenish, coy and friendly and you won’t know which one to choose!

    Great article CityGirl!

  14. Phoebe, thank you for passing by! It’s great to hear about your experience. And what has worked for you. I love your comment! It makes a lot of sense.

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