Beauty: No Excuses! Update Your Make-Up For 2013

Sometimes your make-up IS the statement.

There are months when my pesky house bills leave me with little change in my pocket and I find myself seriously broke. Then there are times when my schedule is too packed to even breathe, meaning, it isn’t always possible to buy into the newest fashion trends, yet inevitably as a woman, I’m still required to show up and look cute at social events and work.

Repeatedly being stuck in these predicaments has helped me realize that investing in make up is by far the cheapest way to keep abreast with the latest and greatest. The unspoken truth is, it’s a competitive world in the city so failing in the style stakes is a big no-no! After putting my money where my mouth was, I soon discovered that a little cash splashed on make-up made a real impact and went a long way towards enhancing my overall appearance. By transforming my face (from top to bottom) I was able to get away with the ultimate sin – recycling the same outfit more times than I care to admit!

Revamp your make-up and make an entrance

So the next time you peer into your closet and find last season’s clothes staring blankly back at you, get online or hit your nearest make-up counter to reinvent yourself.

BLACKCITYGIRL believes updating your make up bag at least twice a year will inject an element of freshness into your beauty regime and revamp your image instantly.

We have some of the most beautiful, diverse complexions of any race, why shouldn’t we celebrate this by wearing the best make-up has to offer. We recommend the highest quality make-up for our readers. The beauty brands with the best ranges for black skin include:

  1.                 MAC
  2.                 NARS
  3.                 Bobbi Brown

In addition there are plenty of other good brands such as Lancôme, Clinique, Chanel, Laura Mercier, Cover Girl, Revlon, Maybelline, Sleek, Fashion Fair and Iman.

To update your make-up bag for 2013 invest in these trends below

THE STRONG BROW: Powerful brows are in vogue ladies! If you have them, flaunt them, if not – fake them! But either way, ensure they make a statement. Brows traditionally frame the face and when groomed properly, give us a polished appearance. Enter the term ‘How To Apply Perfect Brows’ in YouTube and watch any one of thousands of useful videos teaching us how to achieve the “Pow” brow.

WE RECOMMEND: MAC’s brilliant Self Sharpening Defining Brow Pencil in Spiked $15 or the Compact Brow Duo in Brunette $27.50 alternatively try the double sided Veleux Brow Liner in Deep Dark Brunette $19.50 which has a rich color pencil on one side and a brush on the other to groom the brows.

BCG TIP: Ensure the brow product you buy is a shade or two lighter than your natural eyebrow color to achieve beautiful, soft brows.

THE BOLD LIP: This vampy lip color was featured heavily in nearly every Autumn/Winter fashion campaign, on every magazine cover, as well as all the trendiest make-up counters. The hidden beauty of a bold lip color, is the way it pops against black skin – especially when matched properly. We guarantee you will take on a different persona with each color you wear!

WE RECOMMEND: MAC Lipsticks $15 for their long wearing, high intensity colors, plus their varied textures. If you’re a self-proclaimed fashionista (like myself) experiment with the latest dark lip colors by trying best seller MAC Rebel Lipstick $15, a pretty deep purple color, or Dark Side Lipstick $15, a sophisticated berry hue and for a more subdued look, try Diva Matt Lipstick $15 in wine red.

SUNKISSED GLOW: There is nothing like donning a healthy glow all year round, especially when our natural complexion looks dull in the winter, or when we’ve had little sleep, the morning after the night before.

WE RECOMMEND: NARS infamous bronze pigmented Cream Stick in Palm Beach $28 or MAC’s Gold Deposit Compact $25 and their liquid bronzer Lustre Drops $21 which applies easily to the cheekbones.

BCG TIP: Bronzers are multi-purpose and can be worn on the cheeks, bridge of the nose and temples to add warmth and dimension to the face.

THE CAT EYE: Winged eyeliner on the upper lash line will update your make-up look in a heartbeat! It seems singer Amy Winehouse started a huge trend, which is still going strong. To gain this look, the eyeliner must be extended outwards and upwards to create a feline cat eye effect.

WE RECOMMEND: MAC’s long-lasting, Liquid Eye Liner $19.50 as a good staple and Bobbi Brown’s award winning Long Lasting Gel Eye Liner $23 is wonderful and should be applied with a delicate make-up brush for precision.

HIGH TECH FOUNDATION: Technology has developed in leaps and bounds, so we can wave goodbye to the pancake face and embrace an au-naturel look! The new foundation formulas closely mimic our skin, while giving maximum coverage, helping us look fresher, for far longer.

WE RECOMMEND: MAC Studio Fix Foundation is soooo last season dahling! Try MAC Pro-Long Wear Foundation $31 which gives up to 15 hours coverage – yes you heard right and it actually stays fresh, or for an ultra lightweight effect, you know for that “no make-up” glow, try MAC Matchmaster Foundation SP15 $33. NARS Sheer Matt Foundation $44 and Sheer Glow Foundation $44 is particularly good for fair skin. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation $47 is a great product also.

BCG Tip: No matter how gorgeous a make up artist makes you look in the store, take a sample of the foundation home and check it is an exact match to your skin tone in natural daylight and we promise your wallet will thank us later!

INDIVIDUAL LASHES: Correct me if I’m wrong but there is nothing worse than a woman who appears to spend h-o-u-r-s getting ready for work everyday! Most professional women desire to look effortless and individual lashes are a discreet way of faking it.

WE RECOMMEND: Shu-Umera have the highest quality Individual Lashes $18. They are best worn on the outer corners of your eyes to open them up and instantly look pretty, in addition they can be left on your eyes for a few days without any complications.

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How has updating your make-up bag made an impact in your life?

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