Relationships: Top 8 Qualities a Man Must Have to Make a Woman Happy! Part 3

Eligible black man correct photoELigible white man correct photo

To attract a KING we must

develop the QUEEN within us.

Here is a quick recap of the 8 qualities a man must have to make a woman happy!

  1. He must be a man of his word             
  2. He must have a vision for his life         
  3. He must be kind
  4. He must be considerate                          
  5. He must be humble                                         
  6. He must find you attractive
  7. He must enjoy your company           
  8. He must be affectionate        

Now it’s time to take a good look at yourself

Everytime you see the word HE in the list above transpose it with the word SHE then you will recognize some of the attributes a good man seeks in a wife. You see, in order for him to fall head over heels, we must live up to the same criteria as he does. If we don’t – we must take the initiative to shape up before making any demands on him.

You are what you attract

Keep it classy not trashy

In a perfect world, it would be great if ALL men automatically displayed these qualities however the sobering reality is – they don’t. Every woman has the power to encourage a man to act like this. Moreover, each one of us can set a standard of how we want to be treated, but we will only achieve this by behaving with decency (which means conveying high standards of morality and respectability) around men. To act with class, we need an ample dose of self esteem and self confidence in our system.

Michelle and Barack complement each other

The Obamas are an inspiring example. They suit each other perfectly. However she made herself worthy of his attention before he entered her life. Whilst we don’t need an Ivy League education to bag a good man we must invest in ourselves first.

How did you score as a potential mate?

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  1. Very good start! I would have to agree and add on to what ur saying. So for #1, being a woman of ur world is not to say one should be self-centered but that a woman has got it together. You control what you can control in your life, ie. ur actions and thoughts.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement! I totally agree, throughout my years of dating, I have come to the conclusion that finding ‘the one’ starts with ‘self’. I wrote this series as a starting point to other people’s views, so all opinions and additions are welcome.

  3. I though I found this man because he has a lot of qualities, but it seems that I am not the one he wants. No gifts, no affection, it seems he doesn’t want to show me off, I didn’t see in his eyes that he finds me attractive… so I left…

  4. Your list was very interesting. I agree with it however, the title should be top 8 qualities to make a healthy relationship. I am a women who has been married to a loving, caring, smart, respectful man for the past 22 years. Please for a loving stable relationship to work, you must do what work for the two of you. Communicate communicate. Each partner must be willing do what’s on that list.

  5. Congratulations on your 22 year marriage! Your advice is brilliant, as you have walked the walk. I hope we can all learn a thing or two from the pros 🙂 like yourself, thanks so much for sharing Cheryl!

  6. I enjoyed your article however I think the first one should have been Faithfulness so many people cheat in this internet era ( I’m guilty of it myself ) and second communication to me these are just as important . Thank you.

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