Career: 6 Ways to Fast Track Up the Career Ladder

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With a western economy in the doldrums

Millions of aspiring career women are being pushed to work harder than ever before. There is a huge tension in the job market and it appears everyone is furtively peeping over their shoulders to check their position at work is safe. Although good jobs remain for women across sectors, the availability of premium, well paid jobs has plummeted.

The call for expediency in our career choices has never been more urgent. Now, is the time to expand your expertise and improve your personal habits so that you can be head and shoulders above the rest – which is exactly where you want to be.

Not only will the fresh knowledge reward you with more opportunities (job promotions) in the short term but your updated skills will pave the way to a better job security for the long haul, should companies decide to lay off more staff.

Preparation will give you an advantage

No matter which sector you work in, these tried and tested methods are guaranteed to help you fast track up the career ladder:

1. Acquire professional qualifications

The easiest way to keep yourself attractive in the job market is to educate yourself. Ideally, this should be done (at least) once a year to keep abreast of the latest developments in your field. On top of that, studying will give you more ammunition in your skill set, making you a great candidate for future opportunities.

2. Show leadership

Even if you have the lowest position in your company, take pride in doing your job well:

  1. Be timely
  2. Do more than is asked of you
  3. Stick to deadlines
  4. Be a good team player
  5. Contribute and become an asset
  6. Show intuition

Opportnuinites come to those who consistently give 110% in their current job. A reputable employer will not risk promoting you if you are unable to demonstrate leadership qualities. In any case, this discipline will serve you well should you decide to make a career change.

3. Put yourself forward when opportunities arise

Blow your own horn. The career game is not the dating game where you can sit pretty, batting your eyelashes to get noticed.  If you are confident in a specific area or are ready for a new challenge then by all means, don’t be afraid to speak up. Directors will overlook you as a potential candidate unless you persist in selling your expertise.

A big part of success is having the right attitude

4. Get on with people

No matter how well equipped you are to do a good job, getting ahead at work is all about politics.  This means you must be able to connect with all types of different people. Remember, your workmates aren’t your friends. Be a good judge of character (as not everyone can be trusted) and relate to people accordingly. If you don’t click with them personally, do your upmost to cooperate with them professionally for the purposes of your end goal.

5. Dress and look professional

We cannot expect anyone to respect us if we look dishevelled. We all make snap judgments about everyone’s appearance and decide instantly whether we can place our confidence in their abilities. Until someone gets to know you (unfortunately) that is all they have to go on. Of course their opinion may change but in the meantime give yourself an advantage by looking your best.

6. Search for a new job

Sometimes there are no opportunities within your company so don’t hesitate to look elsewhere. Keep your finger on the pulse by using recruitment agencies and keeping your CV current. The longer you stay in the wrong job, the more demoralized you’ll become and that is counterproductive to your go-getting attitude.

What other ways can we stay ahead in the job market?

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  3. This blog has opened my blind eyes and awakened my mind. Thx. Am grateful.

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