Relationships: Top 8 Qualities a Man Must Have to Make a Woman Happy! Part 2

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You should feel secure in your relationship.

The fact remains, when a man is exhibiting the qualities in Part 1&2 you will be left in NO doubt about how he feels. Don’t measure a man by what you wish he did (or nag him to do) but what he instinctively does for you.

As you read this, think carefully about your husband, boyfriend or date and seriously consider whether he displays the qualities below. Only you can weigh up how important these attributes are to you. However the more traits he has from this list, the happier you will be.

5. He must be humble

A good man is a catch. So it’s natural that scores of desperate women will throw themselves at him. But this does not justify arrogance nor give him the right to act like a God. He is still a normal human being with flaws and once in a while, he can be wrong. If a man respects you, he will accept constructive criticism – constructive not destructive. If he cares, he’ll be able to put his hands up, admit when he is wrong and apologize after the fact. Whenever you get a whiff of arrogance – RUN (faster than Usain Bolt) as he will never respect anyone but himself!

He will always be excited to see you

6. He must find you attractive

A man’s face should light up when he sees you. On top of that, his raging hormones will consume him with desire – even on your worst days. You should not be a second option to any other woman. Contrary to this, when he is serious, he will treat you like a rare, prized gem. And he will be as proud as a peacock to show you off.

7. He must enjoy your company

From day one, there’ll never be a dull moment. Brace yourself as he interrogates you with a litany of questions about your past, present and future. And when all is said and done, he will still want YOU to be the first person he shares his thoughts with.

Kissing you will be the first thing on his mind

8. He must be affectionate

He will not be able to stop touching you (so expect lots of kisses on your forehead). Other than full blown sex, his tenderness is the only way he can express his physical attraction to you. His ongoing affection will also reaffirm all the praise he heaps on you.

Which quality in this list makes you tick? 

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  1. I don’t feel like am attractive to him anymore like before and like he don’t really enjoy my company anymore so wat should I do

  2. Men understand actions, not words. There is nothing worse than being in a relationship where you feel alone, although I’m not privy to your situation, I would say please try and leave him (without any threats) and see what he does. If he reappears and makes grand statements without action, try hard to ignore him. If he seems genuine, listens to your concerns, apologizes and behaves well, then meet him and see how he conducts himself in the following few weeks. However always trust your gut instinct.

    • arrrrtgurl says:

      I agree with your respone. Actions speak louder than words. Cherisse being willing to walk away for her own good says loudly “I deserve better than what I’m getting”, and his response (actions) will let her know where she ultimately stands with him, like it or not.

  3. genuineman says:

    I am in a very happy and committed relationship. My lady and I are both flawed, but we both recognize this. Our strength comes from our ability to communicate with each other about anything that concerns us. Many times women will feel unattractive through the course of a relationship with fluctuations in stress, weight, age, and other factors. If my lady ever feels that my attention has been lacking for any reason whatsoever, she knows that she can confide in me with her concerns. One of the worst things that you could do is pretend to want to leave when you are not serious about leaving. It adds unnecessary stress to the relationship. One of the things that my lady and I have agreed upon is never play that card if we are not serious because (again) she confided that it makes her feel insecure about the relationship. As the man who loves her and understands her, I am sensitive to that and I respect that boundary. Talk to your man. Tell him how you feel. Take the steps to bring it to his attention; he may genuinely be unaware and a simple nudge may go a long way towards improving your relationship in the long run. If he loves you, he will be sensitive to your concerns. If he is not sensitive to them, you are completely within your right to leave.

  4. There is nothing more startlingly delightful than falling in love. Love is fanned by infatuation, which eventually tires. 3 years in and I still get butterflies when I see my man. I love & adore him to infinity, and he loves me back like nothing I’ve ever seen or felt. I am humbled by the experience, suspecting love like this is truly rare.

  5. I love this article me in my boyfriend will be getting married soon I Dnt knw how long being that hurricane sandy messed us up outthere in FarRockaway so being that we half to get new stuff for our home in my children witch he calls them his kids we would half to wait we wnted to do it this year but now it might half to be next year or maybe longer than that but he, we have all 8 together that will make us the perfect couple and our families together wnts to knw when are we going to get married but right now we Dnt have the money but soon if God Dnt call us home he tells me everyday I’m his honey gold baby in when we met he was calling his family telling them that I was his everything future his wife his queen in he teller nd he loves me everytime we talk on the phone before we hang up such a gentlemen I love him too

  6. This was one of the 1st blogs that I have read that have dealt with actual qualities of a man and not quantity of a man. You didn’t address what he looks like (tall, dark & handsome.) You didn’t address the type of: job, house & car he has.
    On point and a must read! You got it right…

  7. Having married more than 600 couples, I always here that the ideal man respects family and is family oriented.

  8. Wow I’m blown away by all the advice ladies & gents, thank you! It’s worth reading each comment as it is priceless advice. It seems many women in my generation have grown disillusioned about finding real love (as much as I can understand why) these comments further the case that indeed, it does exist! I’m a firm believer that love is available for those willing to work on themselves and their priorities. I’m touched that you have all reached out and like the article. After many years of dating, I’ve found these particular qualities make me happy, although faith and family are extremely important too. Nonetheless, I hope every woman will find this list comprehensive. I also hope it will encourage women not to settle; namely to search for love (with all of it’s flaws) instead of settling for convenience.

  9. Wow! I lyk wat ie ua bf do nt concdr u he is so complctd u cnt its hard 2 knw wat he lyk/dnt lyk.he jst kip thngs 2 hmslf i try ma bst 2 mke hm happy.

  10. I have been dating my boyfriend for 7months and he has all the qualities of a good boyfriend bt the type of gifts he buys me have me worried.
    In the 7months,on my birthday he bought me a painting and on valentines day he bought me a digital camera.How platonic is our relationship?

  11. My Man-Friend and I have been together now for almost 10 months. I am 36 and he is 10yrs older than I am. I am loving every single minute of it! I have dated a younger guy before (not too young though) and it was a waste of my precious time (4 & 1/2 long years)! I feel like I have finally gotten it right! After reading this particular blog about the 8 qualifications a man must have to make a woman happy, I know I am with a GOOD MAN! He possesses all of these qualities and some! He is so thoughtful, considerate, and creative. We have fun together, we talk about EVERYTHING and we both think it is very important to plan frequent date nights and not let anything or anyone come between that. I did not say that he was a PERFECT man, but he is the PERFECT man for me!!! GOD’S destiny for me is far better than the destiny I thought I wanted. HE allowed me to go through all of the turmoil that I’ve gone through, so that when he placed this man in my path, I could recognize his GOODNESS and appreciate him for the MAN that he is!!! …..ALL SMILES!! GOD BLESS!

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