Relationships: Top 8 Qualities a Man Must Have to Make a Woman Happy!

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A  BLACKCITYGIRL will not settle for an average man.

A BLACKCITYGIRL will only commit her heart to a GOOD man.

Let’s be honest

There are 2 questions every single woman asks herself at some point in her life:

  1. Does he like me?
  2. Does he take me seriously?

C’mon admit it! As soon as you meet someone special (provided he calls) those are the first questions that spring to mind. But have you ever tried telling your girlfriend that the latest guy she is daydreaming about really isn’t into her? It’s tricky to say the least. I’ve been there and gotten the t-shirt, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

So, as you read this, think carefully about your husband, boyfriend or date and seriously consider whether he displays the qualities below. Only you can weigh up how important these attributes are to you. However the more traits he has from this list, the happier you will be.

1. He must be a man of his word

The foundation of a loving relationship is trust. When a man cares he will be eager to build a rapport with you, hence his words will mirror his actions. What’s more, he will (literally) do whatever it takes to live up to his word, especially during the dating phase. If a man says he’s going to call you at a particular time, like clockwork, he will call at that time. If he says he will buy you something, he will buy it – or go the extra mile to deliver it! In the beginning, you should be able to pinpoint at least one solid, meaning rock solid example of your man bending over backwards to deliver. Of course he’ll calm down but only after striving to win you over.

Give him enough space to consider his future

2. He must have a vision for his life

The most successful couples are constantly building towards their common goals with the man in a leadership role. So if a man lacks direction, (as in he doesn’t even know what he’s doing tomorrow) how can we possibly follow? It’s astonishing how many men are clueless about their future these days. In fairness, sometimes it takes the sexiest woman right woman to emerge for a man to think twice about his destiny. In that case let him consider it alone and consult you afterwards.

A man should spoil you rotten

3. He must be kind

A man’s compliments are worthless until he corroborates them with action. If he takes you seriously, he will occasionally surprise you with a small gift as a token of his affection. He may spontaneously pop up at your workplace with a snack after hearing that you’re hungry or in a perfect world, he’ll take the initiative to buy you a bunch of flowers because you’re worth it!

Whatever the case, the type of presents he buys are indicative of how he truly perceives you. If he views you in romantic terms he will shower you with irresistible  romantic gifts such as perfume, jewelry, flowers and chocolates. In the same way, if he views you in platonic terms he will furnish you with unimaginative, platonic gifts such as a cell phone, TV or laptop – it’s the thought that counts.

4. He must be considerate

A man who cares won’t suddenly become absent-minded and forget your birthday or make lame excuses to avoid celebrating Valentine’s and Christmas day. He will call and text to let you know exactly where he is. He will make a concerted effort to remember personal details such as your sibling’s names, where you were born and what your favorite color is. He will go out of his way to respect your wishes even when he is totally desperate to have his own way. You will never be an afterthought. And he will think nothing of trying to please you.

Do you expect a man to meet these requirements?

How to Get a Man to Fall in Love With You?

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