Career: 6 Ways to Fast Track Up the Career Ladder

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love With a western economy in the doldrums Millions of aspiring career women are being pushed to work harder than ever before. There is a huge tension in the job market and it appears everyone is furtively peeping over their shoulders to check their position at work is […]

Hair: The 7 “Deadly” Weave Sins and Their Solutions

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love This is not attractive! For every weave that is openly admired, there seem to be a dozen more that are worthy of a criminal offense! Let’s be honest. As much as we might love flaunting our Brazilian hair (when we step out of the salon) what happens […]

Editor’s Note: Why Did I Start BLACKCITYGIRL?

For those that are curious I’m a Black career woman living in the city. I remember the days when wild horses couldn’t drag me from a hot party – yes that’s me in the neon yellow dress! Now, I amuse myself by going to work everyday, coming home exhausted, only to repeat the same cycle […]

Relationships: Top 8 Qualities a Man Must Have to Make a Woman Happy! Part 2

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love You should feel secure in your relationship. The fact remains, when a man is exhibiting the qualities in Part 1&2 you will be left in NO doubt about how he feels. Don’t measure a man by what you wish he did (or nag him to do) but […]

Coffee Break: Would Barack be President Without Michelle?

Michelle is a shining example of a modern wife and mother in the spotlight, with 30 million Facebook and Twitter followers, disarming speaking skills and a voice that exhilarates our hearts – this African American woman has made an extraordinary journey from Princeton graduate to community lawyer and has now resumed her role as the First […]

Relationships: Top 8 Qualities a Man Must Have to Make a Woman Happy!

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love A  BLACKCITYGIRL will not settle for an average man. A BLACKCITYGIRL will only commit her heart to a GOOD man. Let’s be honest There are 2 questions every single woman asks herself at some point in her life: Does he like me? Does he take me seriously? […]

Fashion: Red Carpet Highlights BET Honors & Golden Globes 2013

WHO STOLE THE SHOW? BLACKCITYGIRL handpicked the best dressed celebrities from the BET Honors and Golden Globes 2013.  Yes, these outfits made us dribble with envy, but more to the point, we need the number of their stylist! Ladies, if you’re going to dress up, this is how to do it properly. BET Honors Gabrielle […]

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