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Relationships: 10 Ways To Get Him To Chase You And Fall Hard

A woman who doesn’t chase, stands out, she is a prize and the right man ends up pursuing her, all the way to the altar Wifey Material T shirt! Get 20% off today use promo code WIFEY: XS-SXL … [Read More...]

Waiting Season: 3 Legitimate Ways To Attract Your Husband

  Counterfeit season is over! Click here to get your t-shirt today, all sizes available Waiting Season: Ishmael Vs Isaac Storytime  “Hey Nicole have you finished yet, I’m waiting outside” … [Read More...]

Relationships: Top 10 Modern Relationship Statuses To Know In 2018

Nowadays dating mainly consists of texting, ghosting and mind games Once upon a time, people met, dated exclusively, and introduced each other to their parents before tying the knot. Not anymore and … [Read More...]

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