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mike brown

In Memory of Mike Brown: 7 Ways to Succeed in Life When You Feel Second Best

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love Mike Brown was an underdog We all suffer in life, but clearly some of us suffer more than others. Yesterday we were reminded yet again, that we don't live in … [Read More...]

Relationships: 3 Things Black Women Should Know When Approaching Interracial Dating

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love All about the swirl, baby! I'm sure glad I slept on this post As the more I slept on it, the more... I remembered the GOOD black men in BCG's … [Read More...]

a man with character

Relationships: 6 Tests Women Can Use to Find a Good Man

Get ahead | Succeed | Career | Love When we put character first We don't fall for characters Millions of people don't buy into the concept of an omnipotent God, and can't stand the thought of … [Read More...]

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